The specified version of the NuGet package is not found in Artifactory

The “chocolatey_package” Chef resource can install NuGet packages from Artifactory. Artifactory is inconsistent in case sensitivity when an application is searching for a NuGet package. When we specify the package ID only, the search is not case sensitive. If the package is called “GoogleChrome” and we search for “googlechrome” the NuGet package is found in Artifactory. chocolatey_package ‘googlechrome’ do source ‘devops-chocolatey’ options “–allow-empty-checksums –ignore-package-exit-codes” end When we specify the version of the package, […]

How to create a Docker repository in Artifactory

Artifactory supports multiple repository types, Docker is one of them. To create a new Docker repository in Artifactory Set the Custom Base URL of the Artifactory server From the Artifactory documentation at “When using an HTTP proxy, the links produced by Artifactory, as well as certain redirects contain the wrong port and use the http instead […]

Set up the Artifactory repository authentication

To secure Artifactory repositories follow the steps below Log into Artifactory as an administrator On the left select Admin Add users In the Security menu select Users In the upper right select New Create users for admin, writer, and reader. Make sure the Can Update Profile checkbox is NOT checked, so if someone logs in with the service […]