Laszlo Pinter

Application Security and Secure Coding Training
React security training, Checkmarx, #: 02c2b86c674f3f786363a65344d6290758233ddd

Google Cloud Business Essentials Certificate

Business Transformation with Google Cloud
Coursera, #: JGX99PW3YRP7

Google Cloud Product Fundamentals
Coursera, #: M7ADUY6RTMCZ

Splunk Certified User
Splunk Certified User Certification, Splunk, Inc. #: Cert-194027 

Managing a Microsoft Windows Server Environment
Microsoft Official Curriculum 2274 (5-day training)

Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server Environment
Microsoft Official Curriculum 2275 (5-day training)

JAVA Programming
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) university credit (1 semester)

Active member of the LA Area PowerBuilder Users Group
Sponsored by Sybase/PowerSoft

Administering and Supporting Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft Official Curriculum 857

Building Applications Using the PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library

Building Object-Oriented Applications in PowerBuilder

Sybase Programming
The Helms Group

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
College of Electrical Engineering major: Computer Science
Budapest, Hungary

Technical University of Budapest major: Computer Science
Budapest, Hungary


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