Rover Construction in Kerbal Space Program

To construct a rover we need a base to attach the wheels, seats, and the power source.

Structural plates

We can start with structural plates, but we need to apply some tricks to attach them to each other.

  • Place one plate in the horizontal position
  • If you cannot attach the second plate directly to the edge
    • Attach the second plate first in a 90° angle
    • Turn on Snap
    • First, rotate
    • then move it into position

Installing ngrok

“ngrok is a simplified API-first ingress-as-a-service that adds connectivity,
security, and observability to your apps with no code changes”

Create a free ngrok account

Install ngrok

On macOS

  • Create the ngrok folder in your user’s opt directory
    mkdir ~/opt/ngrok
  • Step into the new directory
    cd ~/opt/ngrok
  • Move the downloaded installer into the new directory. Replace THEVERSION with the version of the downloaded file
    mv ~/Downloads/ .
  • Unzip the ZIP file
  • To be able to start ngrok from any directory, add the binary to the PATH. Add this to your ~/.bashrc file where the rest of the PATH statements are
  • IMPORTANT: Restart all your terminals for the PATH change to take effect

Verify the installation

When the terminals have been restarted for the PATH change to take effect

  • Test the installation with
    ngrok --version

Connect to your ngrok account

  • Execute this in the terminal to connect to your ngrok account. Get your authentication token from your setup page at 2. Connect your account
    ngrok config add-authtoken YOUR-AUTHENTICATION-TOKEN

Enable Surround, PhysX for multiple displays on ASUS ROG Strix laptop

If you have multiple monitors, you can connect them to your laptop and set up an immersive gaming environment.

Connect the monitors

  • Connect one of the monitors with an HDMI cable to the large HDMI port of the laptop
  • Connect the other monitor with a USB-C to Displayport cable to the USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C/Displayport/Power Delivery combo port next to the HDMI port

Configure the monitors

  • Start the NVIDIA Control Panel application
  • On the Configure Surround PhysX page select Span displays with Surround, and click the Configure button
  • To view the keyboard shortcuts click the Keyboard Shortcuts button
  • Enable the first two shortcuts and click OK
  • Set the bezel correction to set up the displays for a continuous image
    • Click the bezel correction button and adjust the offset of the two displays
  • To enable the Surround configuration click the Enable Surround button
  • OPTIONAL: If you want seamless experience, but don’t mind to cover a stripe in the middle of the screen, on the Change resolution page set the resolution to the bezel corrected value. This may not work for certain games where the center line contains important information.

Enable all displays

When you set up Surround, PhysX, the laptop built-in display gets disabled. To be able to use all displays

  • Open Windows Settings
  • On the Display page select the large, combined display and make it the default display, so games start to run on it

Working with the surround display

In some programs the middle of the screen contains important information, and it can be distracting to be divided by the bezel. There are some tricks we can apply to circumvent it

Kerbal Space Program

Hold the the middle mouse button and pan the screen to move the important object out of the center of the view.

ASUS ROG Strix laptop configuration

Optimizations for windowed games in Windows 11

To enable Optimizations for windowed games in Windows 11

  1. Select the Start  button, then select Settings .
  2. In Settings , select System  > Display  > Graphics Change default graphics settings.
  3. Select the setting under Optimizations for windowed games to turn it On.
  4. Restart your game.

Apollo missons in Kerbal Space Program

In Kerbal Space Program you can recreate the Apollo missions using the stock parts.

Apollo 11

An awesome Apollo 11 tutorial is located at Apollo 11 tutorial. Follow the instructions, but I have made some changes for easier operation.



  • I have added the Heat Shield (2.5m) to the bottom of the top command module just in case the command module does not have heat shield.
  • Added the Kelus-LV Bay Mobility Enhancer (retractable ladder) under the hatch of the lander for easier return after Munwalk.
  • Added solar panels to the lander and the service module.
  • Disabled the yaw, pitch, and roll functions of the RCS thrusters on the command module and all thruster blocks to Save on monopropellant
  • Take EV Fuel Cylinders from Cargo with you in the command pod, the lander, and on the Kerbals instead of parachutes to extend the length of EV operations.


In Mun orbit

  • After circularizing the Mun orbit, before the lander separation, stage one more time to activate the LEM main engine.

Landing on the Mun

  • As you descend, set the SAS to retrograde to keep the lander upright and be able to always reduce the speed with the main engine without the need for orientation adjustment.

On the Mun

  • In case you run out of monopropellant in your EVA Jetpack, plant a flag under the hatch, so you can climb on it and get back to the lander.

Take off from the Mun

  • To get the heading of the command module, turn it to prograde. This is the direction you need to get into orbit with the lander for the rendezvous.

How to move the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders out of OneDrive on Windows 11

Some people, like me, don’t want to pay Microsoft as OneDrive fills up quickly with documents and pictures.

To move your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders out of OneDrive and disable OneDrive

  • Make a backup copy the contents of the Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders into another directories on your computer incase anything goes wrong during the configuration change.
  • Open OneDrive
  • Click the gear icon
  • Select Settings
  • To stop OneDrive auto start with Windows turn off Start OneDrive when I sign in to Windows
  • Click the Manage Backup button
  • Click the Stop Backup link
  • Click the Stop Backup button
  • Click the Close button
  • Disable the backup of all folders and click the X in the upper right corner
  • On the Account tab click Unlink this PC
  • Click the Unlink account button
  • Close OneDrive with the X in the upper right corner
  • Click the OneDrive icon in the tool bar
  • Click the gear icon and select Quit OneDrive
  • Click the Close OneDrive button

If you need to change the default Desktop, Documents and Pictures path

When you disable and quit OneDrive, the default location for Desktop, Documents and Pictures should change to C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\…

If new files are still saved into the OneDrive folders

  • Open Regedit
    • Hold the Windows key and press R
    • Type regedit into the field and click OK
    • Click the Yes button to allow Windows to start the application
  • Make sure the Address bar is visible in Regedit
    • In the View menu you should see a checkmark next to the Address Bar item
  • Paste
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
    into the address bar under the menu and press Enter
  • Check the value of the items with absolute paths to make sure those point to your user folder, not the OneDrive subfolder.

Where are my files

Disabling the OndeDrive backup of the folders OneDrive re-created the original Windows folders in your user directory: Desktop, Documents, Pictures.

  • Move the files and folders from your OneDrive folder to the newly created Desktop, Documents, Pictures folders. Leave the Where are my files shortcut in the OneDrive folder.

How to set the drive where files are saved

To set the drive where Windows saves files open Settings

  • In System select Storage
  • Click Advanced storage settings
  • Scroll down and select Where new content is saved
  • Select the destination drive. If you have only one drive, C: is the only option.

Set the ASUS ROG Strix laptop keyboard key colors one-by-one

For certain games it is very useful to set the keyboard background colors based on their function in the game. You can group keys by color to find them easier during game play.

Create the effect

The effect contains the color of each key or key group.

  • Open the ARMOURY CRATE preinstalled application
  • On the Aura Sync page select the Aura effects tab, and click the Aura Creator button
  • Click the Device button, hold the CTRL key and select the keys to cerate a group, and click the Set as layer button
  • Right-click the name of the layer and select Rename
  • Enter the new name and hit Enter
  • Drag down the Static effect to the timeline
  • Make sure all layers have the same length, and start at the beginning of the timeline, otherwise a lightshow is created.
  • In the upper right corner click the color indicator
  • Select the color and click OK
  • Drag the layers to order them, the top layer will cover the lower layers. This way you can create a base layer with a single color for all keys (press CTRL-A to select all keys) and build the rest on top of it
  • When all layers have been created click the Save & apply button in the upper right corner
  • Enter the name of the effect and click the Save button

Assign the effect to the application

  • Return to the Armoury Crate application
  • Select the Game Library page
  • Select Create Scenario Profile
    • To select another, or add more application to the scenario, click the See Options button
    • Scroll down for more selections, or click the Cannot find app link to browse for the application
  • Click Aura Sync
  • Select the effect
  • Click the Save button in the lower right corner

Update the effect

  • While playing the game, you can switch back to the Aura Creator and update the effect
  • Click the Save & apply button to update the effect. The change will apply immediately.

Getting to the Mun and back in Kerbal Space Program

Launch to orbit around Kerbin

Match the target planet’s inclination

While still in Kerbin orbit, match the plane of the target planet’s orbit.


As the Mun’s orbital plane is parallel to the equator of Kerbin, launch the vessel Due East (90°) with 0 ° inclination.

Injection burn

We will stretch our orbit to reach the Mun’s sphere of influence.

  • Click the Mun and select Focus View to keep the Mun in the center of the screen
  • Right-click the Mun Periapsis to keep the value displayed
  • Using the prograde vector and moving the maneuver, plan an orbit to set the Mun Periapsis to around 10 – 15 km
  • The planning is done at the current Mun location, but the real encounter will happen at another location further down the orbital path of Mun.
  • Start the burn and stop early before your orbit reaches the orbit of the Mun. Delete the maneuver to see the real values on the map. Continue the burn with the low throttle, and when the Mun periapsis node appears on the map, stop the slow burn, and right-click it to keep the value displayed.
  • Continue the low throttle burn to fine-tune the orbit, and watch the number of the Mun periapsis to stop at the planned value.

Capture orbit

  • Create a maneuver at the periapsis, and use the retrograde vector to slow down, and bring the apoapsis closer to the Mun for a circular orbit.
  • Warp ahead to the maneuver and execute the burn. Fine-tune it to reach the planned apoapsis.

Going home

To escape the Mun’s sphere of influence, and return to Kerbin, we need to increase the apoapsis retrograde relative to Kerbin.

  • Create a maneuver on the prograde side of the Mun, to increase the apoapsis with a prograde burn until Mun Escape is displayed.
  • At this point the Kerbin periapsis is usually still too high for re-entry.
  • Right-click the Kerbin Periapsis to keep it displayed, adjust the time of the maneuver to minimize the Kerbin periapsis, and adjust the prograde vector to set the periapsis to around 35 km.
  • During the burn, the actual Kerbin periapsis will appear and display the changing value. With low throttle continue the burn until the Kerbin periapsis reaches 35 km height.

Tutorial videos