Stop iPhone charging at 80%

Apple and battery experts recommend keeping lithium-ion batteries charged between 30% and 80% for a longer life span.

Most people charge their phones overnight, so it is hard to disconnect the charger when the charge level reached 80% even if we set up a notification based on battery condition.

Automatically Stop charging

This post explains how to fully automate the charging process and automatically turn off the charger when the battery charge goes above 80%. If Optimized Battery Charging is on, iOS pauses overnight charging at 80% and finishes charging to 100% by it is time to wake you up, but I noticed, it started to fully charge the phone at 1 am, so there is not much rest for the battery. This automation turns off the charger to keep the battery at an 80% charging level.

Charger reset

There are two ways to turn on the outlet for charging. You can turn it on manually by pushing a button or using the app which came with it, or you can set up another automation to turn the outlet on when the battery level falls below 80%. With this setting, you can keep other devices, like iPads charged to 80% always ready for use, while still protecting the battery.

If you have more than 2 devices

If you have more than 2 devices, you need to create additional IFTTT and My Leviton accounts, as the free IFTTT account only allows 5 applets to run, and most likely only one IFTTT account can be connected to a My Leviton account. For the free solution see “If you have more than 2 devices” below.

If you want to charge the same phone at multiple places

To charge the same phone at multiple places link two smart plugs in a My Leviton Activity to control them together. No matter where you plug in your phone, both smart plugs will turn on and off simultaneously based on the battery charge level. See “Charge the same phone at multiple places” below.

Project Cost

The cost of the project per device is around $30.00, the price of a Smart Plug. The applications and services are free to use.

For android phones see the Reddit post

What we need


The only hardware you need is a smart plug,

  • 1 Smart plug

Some of the smart plug brands you can use are

  • Leviton
  • Hive Active Plug
  • Meross
  • VeSync
  • WeMo

Check the IFTTT website at for more compatible brands.

I am using the Leviton D23LP-2RW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug-In Dimmer (2nd Gen). It is a dimmer switch, so does not make a clicking noise when it turns on and off. You can purchase it at Amazon for $28.98 at


  • An app to control the smart switch. I use the My Leviton app to control the Leviton smart switch.
  • Shortcuts Apple app on iPhone and iPad to watch the battery level and trigger an action when it is over 80%. iOS 16 installs Shortcuts, for older versions download the free app from the Apple App Store.



Unfortunately, Apple Shortcuts cannot directly control smart switches without a home automation hub, like a 4th generation Apple TV or a HomePod. To avoid these costs we will use IFTTT, a free online service to control the smart switch over the internet.

Set up

Connect to the Smart Switch

  • Plug the smart switch into a power outlet
  • Download the app for your smart switch and connect the app to the smart switch
  • Name the smart switch in the app as Phone charger
  • Turn on the smart switch and temporarily plug a light into it to see when the power turns off.

Create an IFTTT applet

  • Using your web browser on your computer navigate to
  • Create a free IFTTT account by clicking the Get started button

  • Click the sign up link

  • Enter your email address and create a password, or sign up using your Apple, Google, or Facebook credentials

  • Answer a few questions about the type of apps you want to create, your answers do not change anything in this process.
  • On the top of the screen click My Applets

  • In the upper right corner, click Create

  • In the If This box click Add

  • On the Choose a service page type webhooks into the search box and click the Webhooks icon

  • Select Receive a web request

  • Click the Connect button

  • Enter a name for the event and click the Create trigger button. Use letters, numbers, and underscores only for the event name.

  • In the Then That box click the Add button

  • On the Choose a service page search for the app of your smart switch. In this example, we will use the My Leviton app.

  • Select Toggle a Leviton Device

  • Click the Connect button

  • Enter the email address and the password of your Leviton or other smart plug automation account and click the Link Your Account button

  • Select the smart switch, set the command to Off, and click the Create action button

  • Click the Continue button

  • Enable the notifications and click the Finish button

  • Enable notifications again

Get your IFTTT key

The long key secures your applet, so others cannot trigger it without knowing it.

  • In the upper right corner of the IFTTT website click the head icon and select My services

  • Click the arrow of the Webhooks item

  • Click the Documentation button

  • Make sure the smart switch is on.
  • Enter the name of the event into the URL and click the Test it button

  • A message should appear on the top of the screen and the smart switch should turn off.

  • Copy the URL of the event including your key
  • To transfer the URL to your phone, send the URL to yourself in an email.
  • Open the email on your phone and copy the URL to the clipboard with the copy command.

Create the automation

On iPhone and iPad, we will create automation to call the URL of the IFTTT applet

  • Open the Shortcuts built-in Apple app

  • At the bottom select Automation and select Create Personal Automation

  • Select Battery Level

  • Set the slider to 80% and select Rises Above 80%, and click Next

  • In the Search for apps and actions field type get contents

  • Select Get Contents of URL

  • Paste the URL into the URL field

  • Tap the arrow in the lower right corner to test the action. The smart plug should turn off in a few seconds. Tap Next in the upper right corner to go to the next page.

  • Turn off Ask before Running to execute the shortcut automatically

  • Select Don’t Ask

  • Temporarily you can turn on Notify When Run during testing. Later the notification may wake you up, so when testing is completed you can turn the feature off. Click Done.

  • Exit the Shortcuts app

Stop phone charging at 80%

  • Plug the smart switch into a power outlet
  • Plug the phone charger into the smart switch
  • Plug the charging cable into your phone. Make sure the phone battery is charged less than 80%.
  • Turn on the smart switch

Charging starts and will stop when the battery is changed to 81%.

IFTTT applet maintenance

To edit an IFTTT applet

  • On the top of the screen select My Applets

  • Click the applet to edit

  • To edit the title of the applet click the Edit title link

  • To edit the applet actions click the Settings button in the upper right corner of the page

  • Click the Edit or Delete links in the upper right corner of the panels

To disable an IFTTT applet

  • On the top of the screen select My Applets

  • Click the applet to disable

  • Click the Connected button, it should change to Click to connect.

  • In the upper left corner click the Back button

To delete an IFTTT applet

There is no delete function, but you can archive applets, so later you can restore them.

  • In the upper right corner click the My Applets button

  • Click the applet to archive (delete)

  • Click the Archive link

IFTTT Service maintenance

If you lose connection to a service and want to reconnect to it, or want to delete a connection to a service visit the My Services page.

  • In the upper right corner of the IFTTT web site click the head and select My Services
  • Select the service

  • In the upper right click the Settings button

  • On the page, you can view the Activity log, Reconnect or Disconnect the service.

If you have more than 2 devices

Your free IFTTT account only allows 5 applets to run. One device requires two applets, one to turn the changer on when the battery level falls below 80%, and another one to turn it off when the battery level goes above 80%. If you have more than 2 devices, you need new IFTTT and My Leviton accounts. It looks like IFTTT does not allow multiple IFTTT accounts to connect to the same My Leviton account, but you can share the Leviton devices between multiple My Leviton accounts.

  • Add all Leviton devices to the main My Leviton account.
  • Create a new My Leviton account for the additional device and verify the email address.
  • In the My Leviton app of the main account invite the new My Leviton account.
    • At the bottom of the screen tap the “hamburger menu” icon

    • In the menu select Users

    • In the upper right corner tap the Plus sign

    • Enter the email address of the new My Leviton account, select the residence you want to allow access to, and tap the Invite button

    • Accept the invitation of the new My Leviton account sent to the new account’s email address.
  • Create a new free IFTTT account with the new email address.
    • Create the applets for the new device in the new IFTTT account and connect it to the new My Leviton account.

Charge the same phone at multiple places

If you want to charge the same phone at multiple places, link two smart plugs together in an Activity and control the activity from IFTTT.

Create a My Leviton activity

In the My Leviton app create two activities: My phone chargers on and My phone chargers off.

  • In the My Leviton app tap the Activities button at the bottom of the screen and tap the plus sign

  • Select the devices to group together

  • Set on or off for the action and click Next

  • Select an icon and click Next

  • Enter a name for the Activity

In IFTTT select the Activity to control

  • When you create the action

  • Select My Leviton

  • Select Run a Leviton Activity

  • Select the Activity

iOS 16 recommended settings

Apple introduced iOS 16 on September 2022. These are the new features of the operating system:

I have collected some recommended settings changes for iOS 16. To change them open the Settings app on the iPhone.



  • Touch
    • Tap or swipe to Wake – off
    • Prevent Lock to End Call – on
    • Face ID & Attention
      • Haptic on Successful Authentication – on


  • Battery percentage – on

Display & Brightness

  • Auto-Lock – 5 minutes
  • Raise to Wake – off
  • Always On – off
  • Display Zoom – Larger Text

Sounds & Haptics

    • Change with Buttons – on

My Family Tree használata

A My Family Tree program telepítése

Töltsd le a programot a oldalól

  • Töltsd le a telepítőt (My Family Tree) és a nyelvi kiegészítőket (Language Pack) is
  • Telepítsd a programot és a nyelvi kiegészítőt is.

A My Family Tree konfigurálása

  • Az első indításkor a program engedélyt kér, hogy az internete használhassa térkép kezeléshez és frissítések letöltéséhez

  • Amikor a program elindul válaszd az Options lehetőséget

Nyelv kiválasztása

  • A Localization oldalon kattints a kis nyílra a Display language mellet és válaszd a magyart.

Vezetéknév / Keresztnév sorrendjének beállítása

  • Az Emberek oldalon a Diagram Névnél válaszd a Lista név opciót

  • A mezőbe írd be {np} |{s} |{f} |{ss}
  • A jobb felső sarokban katints a piros X re

Családfa importálása

  • Meglevő családfa importálásához válaszd a GEDCOM Importálása opciót
  • Válaszd ki az exportált .ged file-t és kattints az Open vagy Megnyitás gombra
  • Kattints az Importálás gombra
  • A File menüben válaszd a Mentés opciót
  • Válaszd a Dokumentumok mappát, írj be egy file nevet és kattints a Mentés gombra

Az összes családtag megjelenítése

Az alapbeállítás 6 felmenő és 6 lemenő rokont mutat. Az összes tag megjelenítéséhez

  • Válaszd ki a diagramot
  • A jobb felső sarokban kattints a Diagram Beállításai ikonra
  • Állítsd be a Nemzedékeket Öszes-re

Rejtett személyek megjelenítése

Ha egy személy családtagjai rejtve vannak, egy család ikon jelöli.

  • Kattints a személyre a közvetlen rokonság megjelenítéséhez

Elsődleges személy beállítása

  • A jobb egér gombbal kattints a személyre és válaszd “Állítsa be elsődleges személyként”
  • A ház ikon visz az elsődleges személyhez


Jelentések készítéséhez szükség van egy Microsoft Edge bővítésre

  • Válaszd a Jelentések menüt és kattints a *Download and install* Key:ReportsDownloadAndInstall gombot
  • A megjelenő web oldalon kattints a Download WebView2 gombra
  • Kattints az Accept and Download gombra
  • Kattints a Close gombra
  • Telepítsd a letöltött bővítést
  • Lépj ki a My Family Tree programból
  • Indítds újra a My Family Tree programot
  • Töltsd be az előző családfát

Nyomtatás, exportálás

A program tud papírra nyomtatni, PDF file-ba, kép file-ba és GEDCOM file-ba exportálni.

  • Válaszd ki a diagramot
  • A diagram jobb felső sarkában katints a fogaskerékre
  • Válaszd a nyomtatás vagy export funkciót

Import MyHeritage family trees

When you receive a MyHeritage family tree file as an email attachment, you can import it into the MyHeritage application.

Import the family tree

  • Download the family tree file attachment. It usually goes into the Downloads folder.
  • Start the MyHeritage application.
  • In the File menu select the Import GEDCOM option
  • Click the Browse button
  • Select the Downloads folder
  • Select the downloaded file
  • Click the Select button
  • Click the Next button
  • Click the Next button
  • Leave the Create new Genealogy project selected and click the Next button
  • Click the Finish button

Send a MyHeritage family tree in email

The free version of the MyHeritage application can only share up to 41 members of the family online. To send larger family trees to relatives, export the family tree to a file and send it in an email. They can import the file and continue to work on it.

Export the family tree

  • Start the MyHeritage application and open the family tree
  • In the File menu select the Export GEDCOM option
  • Click the Save as button
  • Click the small arrow and select the Desktop
  • Click the Save button
  • Click the Next button
  • Write a description and click the Next button
  • Click the Next button
  • Click the Finish button

Send the family tree in an email

  • In your email application start a new email
  • Attach the family tree file to the email from the Desktop

MyHeritage beállításai

A MyHeritage magyar verziója kicsit nehezebben használható, mint az angol, mert a magyar feliratok hosszabbak, és az ablakok helyenként elrejtik a beállítási értékeket.

Vezetéknév / keresztnév sorrendjének beállítása

A vezetéknév / keresztnév megjelenítési sorrendjét bármikor változtathatjuk

  • Az Eszközök menüben válaszd a Beállítások opciót
  • A Nevek oldalon szélesítsd ki az ablakot, hogy megjelenjenek az értékek
  • A kis nyílra kattintva válszd ki a formátumot

MyHerigate családfa importálása

Ha MyHeritage családfa file-t kaptunk emailben, importálhatjuk, és tovább dolgozhatunk benne.

Importáld a családfát

  • Töltsd le a kapott csatolmányt az emailből. Ez általában a Letöltések mappába kerül.
  • Indítsd el a MyHeritage programot
  • A File menüben válaszd a GEDCOM importálása opciót
  • Kattints a Tallózás gombra
  • Válaszd a Letöltések mappát
  • Jelöld ki a letöltött file-t
  • Kattints a Kiválasztás gombra
  • Kattints a Tovább gombra
  • Kattints a Tovább gombra
  • Hagyd az Új származástani project létrehozása opciót kiválasztva és kattints a Tovább gombra
  • Kattints a Befejezés gombra

MyHeritage családfa exportálása és küldése emailben

A MyHeritage program ingyenes verziója csak 41 családtag adatát osztja meg a felhőben, így nagyobb családfákat emailben tudunk egymásnak küldeni.

Exportáld a családfát

  • Indítsd el a MyHeritage programot és nyisd meg a családfát
  • A File menüben válaszd a GEDCOM exportálása opciót
  • Kattints a Mentés másként gombra
  • Kattints a kis nyílra és a file helyének válaszd az Asztalt
  • Kattints a Mentés gombra
  • Kattints a Tovább gombra
  • Irj be a Fájl leírása mezőbe és kattints a Tovább gombra
  • Ha a magyar nyelv megfelelő, kattints a Tovább gombra
  • Kattints a Tovább gombra
  • Kattints a Befejezés gombra

Küldd el a családfát emailben

  • Az email programodban kezdj egy új email-t.
  • Csatold hozzá az exportált file-t az Asztalról

Cities: Skylines mods

Mods make the Cities: Skylines game more life-like and enjoyable. Modders add functionality that the game producers did not feel important, or just didn’t think about.

Unfortunately when a new version of the game is released, some mods “break”, and stop working. This happened after the Plazas and Promenades update on September 14, 2022.

When you open the Content Manager of the game and one of the mods shows that it is out of date, Steam did not download the update.

To get the latest version of the mod

  • Unsubscribe the mod
  • Close the game
  • Close Steam
  • Open steam again
  • Open the game again (Play)
  • Open the Content Manager
  • Subscribe to the mod again

This list contains mods compatible with Plazas&Promenades DLC at

This is the current list of mods I use, compatible with the Plazas and Promenades update

81 Tiles 2 TESTINGA complete ground-up rewrite of the venerable ’81 tiles’ mod
Advanced Vehicle OptionsThis mod let you customize various options about vehicles.
Clouds & Fog TogglerDisable clouds and distance fog that blocks your view when zooming out. Also allows to disable industrial smog and edge fog.
Compatibility ReportThis mod checks all your subscribed mods for compatibility issues and missing dependencies.
Extra Landscaping Tools [1.15.0-f2 FIX]Fixed version of the original Extra Landscaping Tools by BloodyPenguin. You need to unsubscribe the original one!

This is a temporary fix, to make it work with all updated mods including 81 Tiles 2
Harmony 2.2-0 (Mod Dependency) [Plazas & Promenades compatible]This is a dependency for various other mods.

It provides Andreas Pardeike’s Harmony patching library[] (version 2.2) to all mods that require it.
Image Overlay 2
Image Overlay 2 is an updated version of Image Overlay by Lanceris.
See Recommended map making related website on the mod’s page for useful resources.
Fine Road Tool 2.0.4This mod allows you to set finer road elevation steps and also provides different building modes.
Loading Order Mod V1.10.1-BetaLoading the game with LOM enabled will automatically sort mods in a deterministic manner (independent of sub order) that will put harmony first. This default load order solves load-order-related bugs and minimizes the loading time for most cases.
Move ItThis mod allows you to select, move and align various things.
NoPillars ( v1.1+ compatible )Build bridges without pillars over canals and other objects.
Node Controller Renewal 3.3.1The new UI allows you to make the perfect intersection with just a few clicks.
Patch Loader ModCore dependency of FPS Booster
PickerWith Picker, you can choose any object placed on the map to open its construction menu and select it, ready to place again. Also known as a pipette or an eye-dropper tool.
Ploppable Asphalt +Allows using road shaders on props for ploppable asphalt, pavement, cliff, grass, gravel surfaces.
Precision EngineeringPrecision Engineering augments Cities: Skylines by adding angle snapping, guidelines, and additional information to assist you when building roads, train lines, pipes, and power lines.
Quay AnarchyAllows placing quays and flood walls anywhere. Also fixes ‘Height too high’ for quays, flood walls, cargo and passenger harbors
TM:PE STABLE (Traffic Manager: President Edition)Improve lane and parking usage. and customize junctions, roads, and rails! This is the stable release with tested features.