Build a high traffic railway station in Railway Empire 2

If only one main line runs through your railway station, but the traffic is very high, build a station with 8 tracks. To allow trains to use any track of the station, we could use 8 track gridirons, but those require long parallel tracks. We can use four 2 track gridirons, and combine the tracks with curved tracks in a much smaller footprint. We will also add an 8 track supply tower to refill trains on all tracks.

To prepare the site for the construction,   

  • Lay down 8 parallel tracks with the length of 5 dots. This will smoothen the terrain for the construction.
  • Place four 2 track gridirons as close to the station as possible
  • Place an 8 track supply tower 3 times the tower length from the gridirons
  • Temporarily place another 8 track gridiron 3 times the tower length from the first supply tower to measure the necessary track length for the maintained trains. Later we will delete this tower.
  • Delete the closest track to the main line
  • Build a curved track to join the third track to the first
  • Set the direction of the new curved track
  • When all curves have been created, demolish the second, temporary supply tower

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