Laszlo Pinter

  • More than 4 years of Cloud DevOps Engineering experience.
  • Years of design and development experience as a full stack web and application developer.
  • Supervise, manage and train software engineers, interview new candidates.
  • AWS Cloud configuration and management to create and maintain highly scalable cloud-native infrastructure.
  • Design and development of Linux and Windows CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and TeamCity.
  • Containerization of new and existing applications using Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, EKS, ECS.
  • Migration of existing applications from the datacenter to the Cloud.
  • Administer GitHub, TFS, JIRA, Confluence to organize team development.
  • Set up colocation to host a 1 PB media library and encoding farm, installed and administered Ethernet networks, web, application, and database servers.
  • Developed software and hardware communications interfaces between different types of computer systems.
  • Create three dimensional renderings and animations. Create documents with desktop publishing applications.
  • Designed and developed national character sets by reprogramming the character generator chips of the computer video cards and printers.
  • Designed and developed virus identification programs.

Recent Projects

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