Recent Projects

aguASPEN Graphic Upload
Universal Music Group
Los Angeles, California

The mission-critical system runs 24/7. It includes web applications, Microsoft SQL databases, web services, and scheduled tasks. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been deployed in 2 states and allows the components to communicate with each other via secure Internet connection. Users are authenticated against active directory. The application allows the upload, download, and maintenance of the company’s graphics library. It hosts more than 820,000 images.



Buena Vista Television Customer Web Site
The Walt Disney Company
Burbank, California

The website provides hundreds of pages of reports from a Sybase database on Disney movies and TV shows to 1600 television station program managers in the United States. This was the only active application at The Walt Disney Company’s Burbank offices during the Y2K date change New Year’s Eve.


universalUniversal Television Intranet
Universal Studios
Universal City, California

The system is used by the highest level corporate executives nationwide to access vital business information such as Nielsen ratings.


studios usa

Corporate Intranet
Studios USA LLC
Universal City, California

The database driven “100% Pure Java” applet was developed with Borland JBuilder and DataGateway. Runs on any Java enabled browser without installation. Designed to keep track of the business applications used by the corporation.

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