iDrive backup setup and configuration

There are many options to configure the iDrive cloud backup. Here are a few settings that can be useful for better recovery.

Install iDrive

Log into the application

Use the email address and password of the account owner to log into the application. One personal account can back up an unlimited number of computers as long as the space purchased can accommodate the backups

Multiple hard drives

  • If you have multiple hard drives in your computer consider backing up all of them. To select all hard drives, on the Backup tab click the Change button
  • Select the second hard drive and click the OK button

Frequent backup

If you want to make sure your files are backed up frequently, and you don’t miss a backup if your computer was turned off during the scheduled backup

  • On the Settings page, Scheduler tab select
    • Hourly schedule
    • Start the missed backup when the computer is turned on and click the Save changes button
  • On the Settings page, General tab
    • Enable Continuous Data Protection
    • Enable Ask me where to save files / folders before restore
    • Disable Wake up the computer from Hibernate / Sleep mode

Do not exclude important files

To backup all important files

  • On the Settings page, Exclusion tab uncheck
    • AppData

For better user experience

To keep your computer running fine even during backups you can limit the backup activity.

  • On the Settings page, Throttle tab enable Auto-Pause and set the CPU throttle value to 20%

If you run out of space

There are options to manage the space you use in the cloud.
WARNING: These steps delete files from the cloud which are not on your computer. So if you have deleted files accidentally, first restore those files from the cloud.

Delete all files from the cloud that have been already deleted from your computer

This step immediately deletes all files from the cloud that have been deleted from your computer, even accidentally.

  • On the Settings page, Archive Cleanup tab set the Files considered for cleanup to 100%, and click the Cleanup Now button

To avoid running out of space in the future

You can set up automatic cleanup to delete files that you delete from your computer, but it will delete files that even were deleted accidentally.

  • On the Settings page, Archive Cleanup tab enable Periodic Cleanup. This will delete files every 30 days from the cloud that are no longer on your computer. If the number of files to be deleted is greater than the selected percentage (5% by default), the cleanup does not happen to avoid losing files in case of system failure or accidental loss of many files.

Manage multiple computers

With an iDrive personal account you can back up unlimited number of computers into the cloud space you have purchased.

To monitor the backup status of multiple computers

  • Log into the iDrive web interface at
  • On the Dashboard you can check the backup status of all your computers

To configure a computer remotely

  • On the Dashboard click the Setup button of the computer

To manage multiple computers

  • On the Settings page set the option and click the broadcast button to set the option on multiple computers
  • Click the Yes button to send the setting to all computers

Freight train traffic jam in Cities: Skylines

If there are too many trains causing traffic jams in your game, you can fix it by reorganizing your train network.

There is an excellent explanation of how Cities: Skylines spans trains through the outside connections at

In summary

  • Create a separate train station for each outside train connection,
  • Separate the intercity and local train traffic to its own train networks.

Elektronikus könyv küldése az Amazon Kindle-re a Send to Kindle programmal

A legegyszerűbben az Amazon által készített Send to Kindle programmal tudjuk az elektronikus könyvet a Kindle-re küldeni.

Installáld a programot

  • Töltsd le a programot
  • Indítsd el a Send to Kindle programot ah magától nem indulna el a telepítés után
  • Írd be az email címedet és jelszavadat amivel az Amazon fiókodba jelentkezel be

  • Jelöld be a Keep me signed in jelölő négyzetet és kattints a Sign-in gombra


Jelöld ki az elektronikus könyvet

Két módon jelölhetjük ki az elektronikus könyvet:

vagy a Windows Fájlkezelőből (ajánlott)

  • Keresd meg a könyv file-t a Windows Fájlkezelőben
  • A jobb egér gombbal kattints a file-ra
  • Válaszd a Küldés -> Kindle opciót

vagy a program futtatásával (nem ajánlott)

  • Indítsd el a Send to Kindle programot
  • Dobd a könyv file-t a programra

Töltsd fel a könyvet

  • Jelöld meg, hogy melyik Kindle készülékekre kerüljön fel a könyv. Elküldheted az összes készülékre egyidőben.
  • Hagyd az Archive document in your Kindle Library-t bejelölve
  • Kattints a Send gombra

Paint grass in a desert theme in Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines use the grass texture to fill the map where there is no water or rock. The desert theme replaces the green color of the grass with light brown. So the “grass” texture is still the background on the map, but the color is not green.

The ground resources tool is able to paint fertile land, but it also uses the grass texture. The tool can paint ore, so if we change the texture of ore to green grass, we can paint green areas in the desert.

To paint grass in a desert-themed game, create a new theme with green grass as the texture for ore.

Texture file

  • Create a texture file, or download one from the internet.

You can download free seamless game texture files from
Grass texture: ground_grass_gen_10.png

Save the texture file at “C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\ThemeEditor\ThemeTextures”

Create a new theme

  • Open the Theme Editor and load an existing theme.
  • Open the Terrain Properties tool
  • Select the Ore icon
  • Select the texture file and click the Select button
  • Create a snapshot
    • Open the Snapshot tool
    • Click with the left mouse button to take a snapshot
  • Save the theme with a new name, don’t forget to change the name from “New theme”

Install the mod

  • Install and activate the Extra Landscaping Tools mod by BoodyPinguin. It will allow you to place natural resources in the game.

Paint the grass

  • In the game open the Natural Resources tool
  • Paint ore where you want to show grass.
  • You can use the sand tool to trim the edge of the grass.

Duplicate prefab name


Error message about duplicate prefab name during game loading


If autosave is enabled in the asset editor, and you open an existing asset to create a new one based on it, autosave can save the work-in-progress asset as an autosave file. When you load the next game you may get the error message:

An error occurred
Broken asstes:
Custom assets:
Duplicate prefab name [BrokenAssetException]


Delete the AutoSave.crp file from the “C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets” directory.

Error building assembly … cannot find metadata file in Cities: Skylines


Errors building assembly c:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods\MY_MIX_NAME
(0,0): error CS0006: cannot find metadata flie ‘…steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\Managed’
(0,0): error CS0006: cannot find metadata flie ‘…steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\Managed’


The Theme Mixer 2 causes this error if you try to export a mix.

Even if you uninstall the mod, every time the game starts, the message appears in the Debug Output.


Delete the MY_MIX_NAME directory you find in the “C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods” folder

Cities: Skylines notes

As I use Cities: Skylines I want to share tips and tricks I learn while I build my maps and cities.


The Cities: Skylines game use multiple units to display elevations and distances.

ToolUnitRelative to
Landscaping toolmetersLowest elevation (0 meters)
Roads toolRoad segment length 1 unit = 8 metersRoad segment start
Fine Road Tool modmeter
Precision engineering modmeterLowest elevation (0 meters)
  • The Landscaping tool’s Level Terrain feature shows the elevation in units, relative to elevation 0. The original ground level is at 60 unit elevation.
  • The Roads tool displays the road segment lengths in units. 1 unit is 8 meters.
  • On the Options page of Klyte’s Fine Road Tool mod set the units to metric or imperial units.
  • The Precision Engineering mod shows the road segment length and elevation in meters relative to the original ground level of 60 units. Press the Shift key to see this extra information.


Water sources in games

In the map editor, you can add water sources to your maps. Once you start your city, the original game does not have the means to add more water sources. Subscribe to Boody Pinguin’s Extra Landscaping Tools mod to add water sources in your games.

Sea level

In the map editor you can set the sea level by typing a number, the mod in the city only uses the mouse to drag the sea level up and down. To set the level more precisely

  • Use the Landscaping Tool’s Level Terrain feature to create a small flat top island in the sea.
  • Select the Water tool, and select the Move Sea Level option.
  • Move the mouse up and down to set the water level to the top of the island.

Containing waste water pollution

When you discharge waste water to lakes and the sea, it can pollute the drinking water supply. Place a water source with the water level lower than the lake or sea level. It creates a drain to generate a current and remove the pollution.


If the traffic is too dense, turn on vehicle despanning. When the vehicles arrive to their destination they disappear.

  • Subscribe and activate the TM:PE (Traffic Manager: President Edition ) mod
  • On the top of the screen click the TM:PE Main menu button (looks like a traffic light)
  • In the upper right corner of the window click the Toggle automatic vehicle despawning button to turn on despawning.

The Los Angeles 1947 Pacific Electric Railway in Cities: Skylines

I wanted to recreate the Los Angeles Pacific Electric Railway system based on the 1947 system map in Cities: Skylines. Los Angeles at the beginning of the 20th century had hundreds of miles of electric street cars connecting downtown LA with the surrounding cities.

I have found the high-definition PDF version of the Pacific Electric Railway system map at

The website contains lots of great pictures, maps, and other information on the Pacific Electric and Los Angeles railway systems.

The links below contain the system map in PDF and PNG formats.

I have created a Cities: Skylines map based on the PDF file and shared it on the Steam Workshop:

Los Angeles 1947 v 07 published version

You can use the PNG file as an overlay to easily transfer the road and train layout to your city. For instructions see Transfer streets to your city in Cities: Skylines using a PNG image file

The map uses the 81 tiles mod by BloodyPenguin. The current version as of writing is “81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+)” at

You need this mod installed and activated to be able to work with the map. See Work with an 81-tile city in Cities: Skylines for instructions on how to use the mod.

The map also contains Santa Catalina Island in approximate position and shape. If you want to build Avalon, you need to do some terraforming to make room for the casino, the harbor, and the rest of the city. I have not added any sandy beaches on the main land and the island, it is a fun project to recreate them with the terraforming tool. The reservoirs and rivers don’t have water sources to avoid flooding if you block any of the rivers during construction. If you want to get water from them, use Boody Pinguin’s Extra Landscaping Tools mod to add water sources.

Historic Vehicles

Get historic vehicles

Subscribe to -Historic/Veteran Vehicles- No’s all in one at

Disable the default (modern) vehicles

Follow the instructions at

  • Install the Advanced Vehicle Options mod from
  • In the Content Manager activate the mod
  • Start the game
  • In the lower right corner click the Advanced Vehicle Options button
  • For each vehicle set the Allow this vehicle to spawn checkbox.
  • Export the vehicle configuration if you want to be able to import it into other cities. It will be saved at C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\AdvancedVehicleOptions_VehicleData.xml

Transfer streets to your city in Cities: Skylines using a PNG image file

To transfer streets to cities

Configure Cities: Skylines to use the PNG file as an overlay

  • Create a PNG file of the street layout
    • To convert a PDF file to PNG, use the free PDF to PNG converter at
  • Save the PNG file in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files” directory where your Steam games are on your hard drive
  • Install the Image Overlay 2 mod
  • Configure the mod to read the image files from the directory where the image file is

To display the overlay

  • Open the city
  • Press Shift + Enter to display and hide the overlay

Other default hotkeys

Fit to tileShift + T
Cycle through imagesShift + R
Reset position to defaultShift + B
Lock / Unlock positionShift + V
Enlarge the imageShift + =
Shrink the imageShift + –
Rotate the image 90° clockwiseShift + [
Rotate the image 90° counterclockwiseShift + ]
Clockwise rotation Shift + E
Counterclockwise rotationShift + Q
Move upShift + Up arrow
Move downShift + Down arrow
Move left Shift + Left arrow
Move rightShift + Right arrow


  • If the image does not move, press Shift + V to unlock the image.

Work with an 81-tile city in Cities: Skylines

When you start a new city in Cities: Skylines even if you have the 81 tiles mod installed, the map only shows one tile. To unlock all tiles

Before opening the city

  • Install the 81 tiles mod

Start a new city

  • Press ESC to open the menu
  • Select Options
  • In the Mods settings section click the 81 tiles item
  • Click the Unlock all tiles for free button


When the 81 tiles mod is installed, it is very important to exit to the Desktop every time you switch between cities or editors, otherwise, you will get errors in the game. Always select Quit game to Desktop. Returning to the Desktop clears the memory for a fresh start for the next session.