How to create a mirrored volume in Windows Server 2008 R2?

To create a mirrored volume in Windows Server 2008 R2

  • In the Start Menu right click Computer,
  • In the popup menu select Manage,
  • On the left side of Server Manager expand Storage and select Disk Management,
  • You need a second hard drive with as much unallocated space on it as the size of the volume you want to mirror.
  • Right click the volume you want to mirror and select Add Mirror…
  • Select the disk that will contain the mirror and click the Add Mirror button,
  • The operating system will create a volume on the mirror disk and will start to copy the contents of the original volume to the mirror. This operation can take hours depending on the size of the mirrored volume.

How to increase the security in a NetApp system

  • Use putty to connect to the IP address of the NetApp management port
  • Log in with the Login and Password

Start the System Console

  • at the SP …> prompt type system console

To change the root and naroot passwords

  • type passwd
  • for the Login: question enter root
  • enter the new password
  • enter the new password again for verification
  • This step changes booth the root and naroot passwords.

To enable auditing

  • To check the current auditing status enter options cifs.audit
  • To enable auditing enter options cifs.audit.enable on
  • To automatically save the audit log enter
    • options cifs.audit.autosave.ontime.enable on
    • options cifs.audit.autosave.onsize.enable on
  • The file will be saved at /etc/log/adtlog.evt

To exit the System Console

  • Press Ctrl-D to exit the System Console
  • To see all events of the filer enter  events all

To exit the filer

  • Type exit to close the session