Print a web page in a printer friendly format

If you want to print a web page on your printer without header images and advertisement

  • Highlight the address of the page in the address bar and
    • Press CTRL-C or
    • Right click it and select “Copy”,

printfriendly copy address

  • Open a new tab and navigate to
  • Paste the address into the field that says: “enter a url”
    • Click the field and press CTRL-V or
    • Right click the field and select “Paste”

printfriendly paste address

  • Click the “print preview” button to see the printer friendly version of the page

You can even delete sections of the document:

  • Move the mouse above the paragraph,
  • Click the red “Click to delete” link.

printfriendly delete paragraph

Click the buttons on the top menu to

  • Print,
  • Save as PDF or,
  • Email the page.

printfriendly buttons

You can remove the images by clicking the “Remove Images” box and adjust the size of the text with the “Text Size” drop down list.