Only persistence units with transaction type JTA can be used as a container managed entity manager

NetBeans can use multiple deployment servers. When your web application uses the Entity Framework and you select the Glassfish server as the deployment server, you can get the error message when you try to run your application in the IDEÉ Severe: Exception while preparing the app : The persistence-context-ref-name […] in module […] resolves to a […]

Start a new Spring MVC Java Web application development in NetBeans

When you create your first Spring MVC Java web application in the base installation of NetBeans follow the steps below Create a project In the File menu select New Project… Select the Java Web category, select the Web Application project, and click Next, Enter the name of the project and click Next, If this is […]

error: package … does not exist in NetBeans

If your Java source code imports packages, you have to add the JAR files containing them to the Library. When you try to compile your Java application in NetBeans, and you get the error message: error: package … does not exist In the NetBeans Project view right-click the Libraries folder In the drop down menu select Add […]