Set up a user to connect to a Linux server with a private-public key pair

To secure a Linux server, disable password authentication on it. This way only those users can connect to it, who have access to an authorized private key. To enable users to connect to a Linux server with a private-public key pair Generate an RSA key pair In a Bash terminal on your workstation execute ssh-keygen Follow […]

Convert PEM files to PPK to use them in PuTTY

When you create a key in AWS you can download it one time in PEM format. To use it in PuTTY, the free SSH and Telnet client, you have to convert it to PPK format. To install PuTTY, see the Terminal Emulator section in Recommended utilities for your workstation To convert a PEM file to PPK Open a […]

Set up the Artifactory repository authentication

To secure Artifactory repositories follow the steps below Log into Artifactory as an administrator On the left select Admin Add users In the Security menu select Users In the upper right select New Create users for admin, writer, and reader. Make sure the Can Update Profile checkbox is NOT checked, so if someone logs in with the service […]

Obfuscated passwords in TeamCity

Obfuscate the password in the TeamCity UI When a TeamCity build step needs to use a password, there is a way to obfuscate it. In the TeamCity web interface navigate to the project, On the project page open the Parameters page, Click the Add new parameter button, Enter the name of the parameter, the password […]

How to configure the domain password expiration policy in the Microsoft Active Directory

The Microsoft Active Directory is a great system to manage the security of servers and workstations. One of the fundamental security tools is the password expiration policy. To set the password expiration policy in an Active Directory domain follow the steps below Remote desktop into the domain controller Start the Active Directory Users and Computers […]