java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError, java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

When you add a dependency reference to a Java project, it may compile without any errors, but runtime you may get an error message similar to this: HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error Type Exception Report Message An exception occurred processing JSP page [/index.jsp] at line [1] Description The server encountered an unexpected condition […]

Java Spring MVC web application configuration in NetBeans 8

When you create a Java Spring MVC web application or make changes to an existing one, it is important to know the location of configuration values. Java package name The Java package name is stored in Every .java file package MY_PACKAGE_NAME pom.xml file <configuration> <mainClass>com.objectdb.Enhancer</mainClass> <arguments> <argument>MY_PACKAGE_NAME.MY_MAIN_CLASS_NAME</argument> </arguments> </configuration> .jsp file <%@page import=”MY_PACKAGE_NAME.*”%> <jsp:useBean id=”MY_BEAN_ID” type=”MY_PACKAGE_NAME.MY_DAO_CLASS_NAME” […]

Start a new Spring MVC Java Web application development in NetBeans

When you create your first Spring MVC Java web application in the base installation of NetBeans follow the steps below Create a project In the File menu select New Project… Select the Java Web category, select the Web Application project, and click Next, Enter the name of the project and click Next, If this is […]

Configure NetBeans for Java Web development

The base installation of NetBeans does not include the web development category.   To add the Java web development tools to NetBeans Start the NetBeans IDE, In the Tools menu select Plugins, On the Available Plugins tab select the Java EE Base plugin and click the Install button, If any of the installed plugins is […]