Laszlo Pinter

Universal Music Group

Los Angeles , California

(July 2005 – present)

Senior DevOps Engineer

Responsible for the Universal Music Group’s transition to Cloud Computing.

Cloud Architecture: Design the AWS and Azure Cloud Computing network infrastructure and specify server instance configurations.

DevOps Engineering: Design and develop Terraform configurations to create and manage the Cloud Computing infrastructure, RightScale scripts to launch server instances and Chef cookbooks to configure them. Use Packer to create server base images that satisfy the security requirements of the company.

Developer Support: Closely work with the software development teams to design and develop the scripts that build the required network infrastructure, launch and configure the server instances, and install the necessary applications.

Operation Support: Assist the application support team to manage the Cloud infrastructure and server instances.

Technical Project Management: Participate in meetings to coordinate with stakeholders and application developers. Use JIRA to create work items for DevOps engineers, monitor the scripting process and perform code reviews.

DevOps Trainer: Teach DevOps engineers and application developers to use the DevOps tools and methodologies. Create teaching materials for beginners and experienced DevOps engineers on workstation setup, development tool usage, scripting standards and troubleshooting.

Cloud providers: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure
Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS, Windows Server, Windows
Scripting tools: Chef, Terraform, Packer, PowerShell, Bash
Cloud Management: RigthScale
Database: MS SQL, MySQL
Version Control: Git, TFS
Methodology: Agile with Scrum and Kanban; TDD
Project Management Tools: JIRA, Confluence
Virtualization: VMware, Vagrant, VirtualBox
Web presence: Blog on DevOps engineering at http://pinter.org/devops

Configuration Manager, Senior Systems Engineer consultant

Leading designer and developer of major mission critical Windows and Web applications.

Major projects:

eCommerce Portal application (https://sal.umusic.com/HalGraphicUpload)

The mission critical system runs 24/7. It includes 2 web applications, 6 Microsoft SQL databases,  XML web services, and scheduled tasks. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been deployed in 2 states, and allows the components to communicate with each other via secure Internet connection. Users are authenticated against active directory. The application allows the upload, download and maintenance of  the company’s graphic library. It hosts more than 820,000 images.


  • Infrastructure planning,
  • Systems design,
  • Application design and development,
  • Server specification, setup and configuration,
  • QA and production release build and deployment.

ASPEN (AKA HAL) (https://hal.umusic.com/ContentSiteR3)

One of the two leading designers and developers of this mission critical system that runs 24/7. It hosts more than 2 million audio tracks, and encodes more than 500,000 audio files a day.


  • Infrastructure planning,
  • Systems design,
  • Application design and development,
  • Server specification, setup and configuration,
  • QA and production release build and deployment.

Programming Languages: C#; Java; JavaScript
Front End: .NET MVC; ASP.NET Web Forms; JQuery
Database: MS SQL Server; ADO.NET; Entity Framework
Development Environment: Visual Studio; Eclipse
Version Control: TFS
Operating System: Windows Server
Deployment: Visual Build Pro

Delnet, Inc. 

Hungary , Europe

(June 2000 – July 2005)

Owner, Senior Systems Engineer

Designs and develops high quality custom Internet/Intranet applications. Uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 , the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 , and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 to create database driven C# ASP.NET and VB.NETapplications. Responsible for designing, developing and enforcing company standards. Regularly writes articles for the “ Internet Pilot ” leading European computer magazine and teaches web development. Interviews new programmer candidates.

The Walt Disney Company 

Burbank , California

(March 1999 – May 2000)

Senior Analyst/Programmer consultant

Reported directly to the Director of Information Technology . One of the two leading designers and developers of a major mission critical Internet site , the Buena Vista Television Customer Web Site: www.bvtv.com , using the Sybase Enterprise Application Studio’sJaguar transaction server, HTML JavaScript and PowerBuilder 7 . The web site provides hundreds of pages of reports from a Sybase 11.5 database on Disney movies and TV shows to 1600 television station program managers. This was the only active application at The Walt Disney Company’s Burbank offices during the Y2K date change New Year’s Eve. Responsible for designing, developing and enforcing corporate standards. One of the leading developers of an Availability application using the same technology. Interviewed new programmer candidates, and trained software developers. 

Studios USA, LLC

Universal City , California

(June 1998 – March 1999)

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Reported directly to the Director of Information Technology . Leading designer and developer of major mission critical applications such as Sales and Availability, Production and Operations, Executive Information Systems using PowerBuilder 6.5 , the Foundation Class Library (PFC), Sybase Transact SQL, Internet/Intranet technology, Visual FoxPro 6.0in Windows NT environment. Responsible for designing, developing and enforcing corporate standards.

Universal Studios, Inc


Universal Television

Universal City , California

(May 1994 – June 1998)

Senior Systems Analyst

Leading designer and developer of the Universal Television Intranet . The system is used by the highest level corporate executives nation wide to access vital business information.

Responsible for the design and development of Executive Information Systems, Sales and Availability, Participations, Production and Operations, Sales and Marketing, Merchandising, Distribution and Casting applications, using Internet/Intranet technology, PowerBuilder 6.0 and the Foundation Class Library (PFC), Sybase SQL Server, Visual FoxPro 5.0 . Designed and set up real time data replication between AS/400 and Sybase SQL Anywhere database using Symbiator , and between regional offices running Sybase databases. Enhanced the PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library (PFC) to standardize company wide object oriented design and development. Active member of the Client Server Standard Committee and the Internet Design and Development Committee to set enterprise wide development standards. Interviewed new programmer candidates, and trained software developers.

Universal Studios, Inc


Universal Music Group

Universal City , California

(January 1994 – May 1994)

Programmer/Analyst Consultant

Responsible for developing Sales Automation application using FoxPro for Windows 2.6. The system includes Pre Season Planning, Purchasing and Receipts, Stand Sales and Reconciliation, Inventory Tracking. Daily file uploads to the AS/400 computer. Technical support and installation are provided with remote control program using modem connection. The program was used at 9 nation-wide locations during the World Cup Soccer Games 1994. This system has: 28,500 lines of code, 56 screens, 28 report forms. 

Varadi Engineering 

Encino, California

(April 1990 – January 1994)

Project Engineer

Responsible for developing accounting, project management, sales management, inventory management programs and computer-aided calculations using FoxPro for Windows, Excel. Developed and maintained efficient communication between the client, contractors, manufacturers and government agencies. Trained clients to use computer systems and applications. Installed, managed and maintained computer systems and programs. Produced three dimensional renderings and animations for presentations.

Independent consultant 

Budapest , Hungary

(November 1988 – September 1989)

Programmer/Analyst Consultant

Used FoxPro and dBASE to create data processing applications. Developed, sold and installed virus identification programs and national character sets.

Econorg Computer Company 

Budapest , Hungary

(September 1984 – November 1988)

Systems Programmer

Created data management programs for warehouses, manufacturers and chemical laboratories in multi-user NOVELL environment. Responsible for NOVELL network installation. Designed and developed software and hardware for communication between different types of computers, virus identification programs and national character sets for IBM computers. Used dBASE, Clipper.

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