How to insert a link into a WordPress page or post

To add a link to the WordPress post or page:

  • Type the text of your page or post in the text editor,
  • Highlight the part of the text with your mouse that you want to convert to a link,
  • Click the “Insert/edit link” button in the toolbar.

WordPress Link Highlight

  • ┬áIn the popup window enter the URL of the link and the Title that will be displayed when to mouse is above the link.

WordPress Link Dialog

  • To link to an existing page or post in your WordPress website click the “Or link to existing content”,
  • If the Search field is empty you can select from the recently created pages.

WordPress Link Dialog Recent Pages

  • To search for specific pages enter the searched words into the Search field.

WordPress Link Dialog Search

  • Select the page in the list, edit the Title if necessary and click the “Add Link” button to create the link.


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