Windows web service authentication in IIS Express

When you develop a SOAP web service in Visual Studio 2013 the IDE uses IIS Express for testing. To set up Windows authentication in IIS Express follow the steps below:

Create a Local Security Group on your computer

  • Right click Computer and select Manage
  • On the left side expand Local Users and Groups
  • Right click the Groups folder and select New Group
  • Create a group with the name WebserviceUsers for the users of the web service
  • Right click the Users folder and select New User
  • Create a user and add it to the WebserviceUsers security group

Add the following lines to theĀ  <system.web> section of the Web.config file of your web service application

<authentication mode=”Windows”/>
<allow roles=”WebserviceUsers”/>
<deny users=”*”/>

Set up IIS Express for Windows authentication

  • Select the web service project in the Solution Explorer
  • In the View menu select Properties Window
  • Disable Anonymous Authentication and enable Windows Authentication
    Visual Studio IIS Express Windows Authentication Properties Window


In the caller application call the web service with user name and password

  • Add the following lines to your class to supply the credentials
private Webservice.Service _Webservice = new Service();

// Constructor
public Business() {
    string webserviceUrl = "Webservice_Url";
    string webserviceUserName = "Webservice_UserName";
    string webservicePassword = "Webservice_Password";
    _Webservice.Url = webserviceUrl;
    ICredentials credentials = new NetworkCredential(webserviceUserName, webservicePassword);
    _Webservice.Credentials = credentials;

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