DynDns update error

On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 the Dyn Updater cannot update the IP address if you set the IPv-4 Configuration to Automatic during installation. The log contains the following error messages:

daemon – WARNING – Unable to get IP addresses for …dyndns.org, will retry later.

frontend – WARNING – API request failed. Status: 500 Method: ipaddress.get

frontend – WARNING – API error: Error connecting to checkip.dyndns.org. Please verify your internet connection and try again.

To make the Automatic IPv-4 Configuration setting work

  • Open a web browser and get the current IP address by navigating to http://checkip.dyndns.com/
  • Open the Dyn Updater,
    • Select the  host you want to fix,
    • Click the Configure Selected Hosts button.
    • Select Static Address for the IPv4 Configuration,
    • Enter the current IP address,
    • Click the OK button.

    • Select the item again and click the Refresh Host List button.

    • Select the item again and click the Configure Selected Hosts button.DynDns04
    • Select the Automatic IPv-4 Configuration and click the OK button.


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