How to get rid of the boring unwanted picture in Skype

Since Microsoft purchased Skype there is an annoying, unwanted advertisement on the main page. If you are tired of seeing the same boring picture every time you turn on Skype

  • In the Tools menu select Change language,
  • At the bottom of the list click Edit Skype Language File,
  • In the Language File Editor click Save as and save the copy of your current language file with any name, like NoPicture.
    Skype will try, but for security reasons cannot save the file in the Skype folder, and it will offer an alternate location: c:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]. This is perfect for us.
  • Open the Tools -> Change language menu option again,
  • Click the Load language file at the bottom of the list,
  • Select the file you just saved,
  • In the File menu select Sign Out to exit Skype,
  • Start Skype again (it will ask your password).

The picture is gone.

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