Chef exit codes

Chef uses the standard RFC 062 exit codes.

In your .kitchen.yml file, you can supply an array of exit codes in the “retry_on_exit_code” option to retry the operation in case the Chef script execution is interrupted. The usual values are

 retry_on_exit_code: # An array of exit codes that can indicate that kitchen should retry the converge command. Defaults to an empty array.
   - 35              # Reboot is scheduled
   - 20              # The Windows system cannot find the device specified.
   - 1               # Generic failure

Chef exit codes

  0: SUCCESS            - Successful run     - Any successful execution of a Chef utility should return this exit code
  1: GENERIC_FAILURE    - Failed execution   - Generic error during Chef execution.
  2: SIGINT_RECEIVED    - SIGINT received    - Received an interrupt signal
  3: SIGTERM_RECEIVED   - SIGTERM received   - Received an terminate signal
 35: REBOOT_SCHEDULED   - Reboot Scheduled   - Reboot has been scheduled in the run state
 37: REBOOT_NEEDED      - Reboot Needed      - Reboot needs to be completed
 41: REBOOT_FAILED      - Reboot Failed      - Initiated Reboot failed - due to permissions or any other reason
 42: AUDIT_MODE_FAILURE - Audit Mode Failure - Audit mode failed, but chef converged successfully.
213: CLIENT_UPGRADED    - Chef upgrade       - Chef has exited during a client upgrade

Relevant Windows exit codes

 20: ERROR_BAD_UNIT     - The system cannot find the device specified.

The list of all Windows error codes is located at

The Linux exit codes for

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