How to upgrade Jenkins

Jenkins regularly releases new versions. To upgrade Jenkins

On Linux

To install the Generic Java Package (.war)

  1. Write down the current version of Jenkins you have on your server
  2. Download the Jenkins “Generic Java Package (.war)” file from your workstation
  3. Upload the installer to Artifactory or other HTTP repository
  4. SSH into the Jenkins server
  5. Switch to sudo mode
  6. Stop the Jenkins service with
    service jenkins stop
  7. Navigate to the Jenkins directory
    cd /usr/lib/jenkins/
  8. Rename the current Jenkins .war file to include the version, so you can restore it if the new version does not work as expected
    mv jenkins.war jenkins_2.46.3.war
  9. Download the Jenkins war file from Artifactory
    url -O http://THE_IP_ADDRESS_OF_THE REPOSITORY/.../jenkins.war
  10. Start the Jenkins service
    service jenkins start


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