Creating CentOS server images with Packer

The CentOS images are not available on the AWS Quick Start tab.

CentOS publishes official images on the AWS Marketplace, but you need to subscribe to the image to be able to launch it with an automation software, like Terraform.

Find the latest available CentOS image in the AWS Marketplace

  1. Execute this command to display the list of available images
    aws --region us-east-1 ec2 describe-images --owners aws-marketplace --filters Name=product-code,Values=aw0evgkw8e5c1q413zgy5pjce
  2. Select the latest AMI from the list. The images are NOT ordered by date!

Accept the terms

In every account, you want to launch the image, you have to accept the license agreement terms

If you try to launch the image before you subscribe to it, the error message is displayed

Error launching source instance: OptInRequired: In order to use this AWS Marketplace product you need to accept terms and subscribe. To do so please visit…
amazon-ebs: status code: 401, request id: []

  1. Follow the link in the error message to¬†…
  2. Click the Continue to Subscribe button
  3. Click the Accept Terms button
  4. The next page should display
  5. Once the new image has been created, share it with all the accounts you use.

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