Kubernetes commands

kubectl get – list resources kubectl describe – show detailed information about a resource kubectl logs – print the logs from a container in a pod kubectl exec – execute a command on a container in a pod List existing pods Get detailed information on the pods Start a proxy to access the containers within the pod Get the […]

Install missing commands on Linux distributions

On some lean systems, mostly in Docker containers, some important commands are not readily available. The table below shows the command to install them. To get the name of the Linux distribution execute To find the package that contains the command, install apt-file Update the file package mapping database Search for the command at the […]

The advancement of computer programming and personal computer technology

If you really know one programming language, you can learn others too. The most important part is to understand the concept of computer programming. All languages are built on similar type of instructions, some of them require a semicolon at the end of the line, others don’t. Some of them use curly braces {} to […]

Microsoft SQL Server clients

To connect to an MSSQL database on Macintosh Install the Azure Data Studio Download it from Download and install Azure Data Studio on Windows Install SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio Download it from Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Install the Azure Data Studio Download it from Download and install Azure Data Studio

Connect the Portainer Server to an existing Portainer Agent

With Portainer we can monitor multiple Docker Swarms from one Portainer Server. To connect an existing Portainer server to an agent Configure the Agent For security reasons, by default, the Portainer Agent only accepts connection from the first Portainer Server it encounters. To enable the Portainer Agent to connect to multiple Portainer Servers, add the […]