VirtualBox installation and configuration on Macintosh

Download VirtualBox from and follow the instructions to install it. At the time of writing, this was the section where the installer files were referenced Run the downloaded installer file and accept all default values. The installer starts the application.   Create a virtual machine To create a new virtual machine Download the OS image from the […]

Send CTRL-ALT-DELETE to a Windows Virtual Box computer from a Macintosh

When you start a Windows 7 or equivalent server machine, to log in, you need to press CTRL-ALT-DELETE on the keyboard to get the login page. To send Control-Alt-Delete to a Windows virtual machine in Virtual Box from a Macintosh on a Macintosh laptop press the fn – Command  – Delete back  keys on a Macintosh desktop […]

Custom Git Status and Git Pull commands to work with all of your repositories

If you work with many Git repositories it is easy to miss a repository when you commit your changes, and very time consuming to pull from all repositories. It is easy to automate both processes. In this example, we will place all files in the ~/Git/devops-scripts folder. If you want to place your files at another […]

Bluetooth: Not Available in Sierra on the Macintosh

After software update in Sierra on my Macintosh, my Bluetooth mouse usually stops working. The toolbar displays the Bluetooth not available icon:  When I click it, the “Bluetooth: Not Available” message is displayed. There are two recommended actions we can take to bring Bluetooth back to life. If the first one does not help, try to execute […]