The .NET MVC model has to have a parameterless constructor

When you create a class to be used as the model in a .NET MVC application, the class has to have a parameterless constructor. It is called during the POST when the user clicks the submit button of the form. If the class does not have a parameterless constructor, we will get the following generic […]

An error occurred while signing

When you deploy and application in Microsoft Visual Studio with ClickOnce, you need to sign the installer with a key. To sign the project Visual Studio needs to use the signtool. If the ClickOnce feature is not enabled in Visual studio, it displays the following error message: An error occurred while signing: SignTool.exe was not found […]

No mapping specified for instances of the EntitySet and AssociationSet in the EntityContainer

When you move your Visual Studio solution to another workstation you may encounter the following error message: System.Data.Entity.Core.MappingException was unhandled by user code HResult=-2146232032 Message=Schema specified is not valid. Errors: : error 2062: No mapping specified for instances of the EntitySet and AssociationSet in the EntityContainer … Source=EntityFramework   In this case it may help if […]

Save the key file password in Visual Studio

When you have already set up the project signing of the C# application for ClickOnce deployment, and move the solution to another workstation you may get the following error message when you build the solution: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error Cannot import the following key file: …..pfx. The key file may […]

Include PBD files in ClickOnce deployment to show the line numbers in the Stack Trace

If there is an error in an application, the line numbers are only included in the Stack Trace when the PBD files are also in the application directory. To include the PBD files in an application that was distributed with ClickOnce deployment you need to: Right click the main project and select Properties On the […]

Visual Studio 2015 is very slow on Windows 10

When I have upgraded Windows 7 my computer to Windows 10 I have also installed Visual Studio 2015 professional. From the first moment Visual Studio 2015 was very slow. My computer was freezing all the time. I have read many articles about the slowness of Visual Studio 2015, but I cold not find anything that […]

NUnit in Visual Studio 2015

To use NUnit in Visual Studio 2015 Create a unit test project and download NUnit from NuGet Start Visual Studio 2015 and open or create a solution In your solution create a new class library for your unit tests Right click the unit test project and select Manage NuGet Packages Type NUnit into the search […]

Value was either too large or too small for a UInt32 error message when checking files into TFS

When you try to check-in or shelve files in Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) sometimes the following error message appears: Value was either too large or too small for a UInt32. Cause: There is an unsaved file in the IDE. Solution: Click Save All in the tool bar and try to check-in the files again.

Windows web service authentication in IIS Express

When you develop a SOAP web service in Visual Studio 2013 the IDE uses IIS Express for testing. To set up Windows authentication in IIS Express follow the steps below: Create a Local Security Group on your computer Right click Computer and select Manage On the left side expand Local Users and Groups Right click […]

How to add tooltip to a Windows Form

In Windows Form applications the tooltip functionality is not built into the controls as in HTML objects. To add tooltip to your controls on Windows Forms Open the Windows Form in the designer Drag the ToolTip control from the Common Controls section of the Toolbox to the form. The ToolTip control will be placed at […]