Configure Epson WF-3520 scanning on Windows 10

Install the Epson WF-3520 scanner driver and scanning utility Download the Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.7.9.6 from the Utilities section of Double-click the downloaded file and install the application Connect to the Epson WF-3520 printer Start the EPSON Scan Settings utility Select Network and click the Add button When the search is […]

Generate the Chef cookbook dependency diagram

The Brew viz command reads the Berksfile.lock in the current Chef cookbook directory and saves the cookbook dependency diagram in the graph.png file. The command requires the graphviz utility Install graphviz In the terminal window execute Generate the cookbook dependency diagram and open it in Preview In the Chef cookbook directory execute

Configure the target server for PSEXEC

PSEXEC is a remote procedure execution tool written by Mark Russinovich at Microsoft and available for download at To use PSEXEC you need to open ports 135 (TCP) and 445 (TCP) on the target computer.  Enable the ports in the security group Open the ports inbound in the server’s firewall You also need to […]

Make the GantChart Excel template smarter

There is a great, free Excel Gantt chart template on the Vertex42 web site at The free version lacks a few features that could make project planning easier. We can update our version of the template to make it smarter. Make these changes before you start to use the template, because inserting task rows […]

Failed to complete #create action: [You are not authorized to perform this operation

When launching an instance in AWS with Chef Test Kitchen you get the error message >>>>>> Failed to complete #create action: [You are not authorized to perform this operation. Encoded authorization failure message:… Make sure the image does not require the acceptance of the license before you first use it. This applies to Ubuntu, CentOS