QWERTY Hungarian keyboard on an English Macintosh keyboard

The English characters on the English and Hungarian keyboards are almost at the same place. The exceptions are the Z and Y keys, those are swapped. When you activate the Hungarian keyboard on a Mac with an English keyboard, the Z key will display Y and the Y key will display Z on the screen. […]

How to lock your Macintosh and Windows computer

Always lock your computer to protect your secrets in the office while you are getting a cup of water from the kitchen. To lock a Macintosh computer Press the Control – Command – Q keys, or In the upper left corner click the Apple logo and select Lock Screen To lock a Windows computer In Windows, […]

Apple Objective-C programming fundamentals – Part 1 – The language.

To write an application for an Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPadn, Macintosh) Apple recommends the Ojbective-C language. Xcode, the Apple development environment (IDE) supports the usage of Objective-C. This article summarizes the basics of Objective-C for beginners of that language. It is helpful if you already have some programming experience, otherwise some terms will require […]