How to remove Windows 8 and install Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite p50-A series laptop

If you want to remove the preinstalled Windows 8 from a new Toshiba Satellite P50-AST3GX2 laptop you need a Windows 7 DVD. You can buy the  Windows 7 DVD at Amazon.

The first step is to turn off UEFI in the BIOS and enable the legacy boot. This will allow the computer to boot from the Windows 7 DVD.

To enter the BIOS

  • Insert the Windows 7 DVD into the DVD drive
  • Completely turn off the laptop to access the Toshiba BIOS Setup. When you select “Shut down” on the Windows 8 screen the computer only goes to hibernation mode. To completely shut down Windows 8 follow the steps in  How to completely shut down Windows 8.
  • Press the power button and continuously tap the F12 button to open the boot menu
  • In the boot menu select Enter Setup and press Enter

Turn off the UEFI boot mode in the BIOS

  • In the BIOS setup select the Security tab on the top of the screen
  • Press Enter on the Secure Boot option and select Disabled
  • Select the Advanced tab on the top of the screen
  • Press Enter on the System Configuration
  • Press Enter on  Boot Mode and select CSM Boot

Save the BIOS settings

  • Press the F10 key on the keyboard
  • On the Exit Saving Changes window press Yes to save the changes
  • The computer restarts

Install Windows 7

  • The computer will boot from the Windows 7 DVD
  • Select Install, Advanced installation
  • Delete all partitions on the hard drive
  • Create one partition (Windows will create another 100MB system partition for itself)
  • Select the large partition as the destination of Windows 7

Windows 7 drivers

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