How to migrate the DevOps development environment to another workstation


Move the Git repositories to a new workstation

If you want to move Git repositories to your new workstation

  • Commit and push all repositories to GitHub on the old workstation,
  • Copy the folders from your old workstation to the new,
  • Execute the following command in all Git repositories on the new workstation.
    git reset --hard


Copying Terraform scripts from a Windows workstation

If the Terraform scripts reference modules, terraform creates symbolic links to those modules in the .terraform/modules directories. When you try to copy those symbolic links on a Windows machine the copy process stops. To copy the Terraform scripts

  • Start Windows explorer in the folder above the Terraform script folders,
  • Search for .terraform,
  • In the search result list delete the .terraform folders.

Test Kitchen

If you migrate between Windows and Macintosh you need to update a few paths, because the two operating systems store user specific files at different places.

The ssh_key location in the .kitchen.yml file should start with

  • On Macintosh: ~/aws_keys/
  • On Windows: C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\aws_keys\

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