Install and set up Go

Set up the Go development environment

Install Git

Install the Go Programming Language

Test the Go installation

  • Open a new terminal window, so the new PATH settings are imported, and execute
go version

Download a remote sample package

To download the package, in a terminal window execute

go get

Navigate to the directory of the downloaded application

cd ~/go/bin

To run the package, execute


Install the Go IDE

The Atom editor is a great IDE for Go. To enable the IDE features in Atom

    • Start Atom
    • Open the settings window
      • On the Mac select the Preferences item in the Atom menu
      • On Windows select the Settings item in the File menu
  • On the left side select Install
  • Search for atom-ide-ui and install the package
  • Search for ide-go and install the package
  • Restart Atom

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