QWERTY Hungarian keyboard on an English Macintosh keyboard

The English characters on the English and Hungarian keyboards are almost at the same place. The exceptions are the Z and Y keys, those are swapped.

When you activate the Hungarian keyboard on a Mac with an English keyboard the Z key will display Y and the Y key will display Z on the screen. That is the German QWERTZ keyboard layout. On an English keyboard it is much easier to use the QWERTY layout for the Hungarian language too.

The following page contains a Hungarian layout for English keyboards at http://blog.felho.hu/hungarian-unicode-qwerty-keyboard-layout.html

Get a QWERTY Hungarian layout

To set up the QWERTY Hungarian keyboard layout

  • You can download the keyboard files from Hungarian keyboard layout file.
  • Click the Downloads shortcut on your desktop
    open downloads folder
  • Click the downloaded layout file to open it
    hungarian qwerty keyboard open downloaded file
  • Select the two files
    hungarian qwerty keyboard files
  • Copy the two files into the Macintosh HardDrive -> Keyboard Layouts folder
    keyboard layouts folder
  • Log out from the computer
  • When you log in again your Mac will find the new keyboard layout
  • In the Personal section of the System Preferences select Language and Text
    language and text

  • On the Input Sources tab select the Hungarian PRO FB keyboard
    hungarian qwerty keyboard selection

On the top of the screen  between the battery status and the time you will see the name of the keyboard layout you currently use.

keyboard selection

Click the icon to select the other layout.

If you want to create your own special keyboard layout

If you want to create your own keyboard layout, there is a small application that can create a customized keyboard layout: Ukelele.

You can download it from their web site.


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