Execute Terraform scripts with Octopus

Terraform is a very powerful, free command-line tool to launch servers in any cloud or virtual machine environment. Hashicorp, the creator of Terraform just introduced the paid Terraform Enterprise server, that orchestrates the execution of the Terraform scripts. Octopus is another tool that added Terraform orchestration functionality in version 2018.3 In this example, we will set […]

SQL Server AWS RDS instance ALARM FreeableMemory <=... MB

The SQL database servers use the available memory for caching to speed up the database operation. If we do not restrict the SQL database server memory usage, the operating system will not have enough memory to run. This setting is also necessary for an AWS RDS instance, otherwise, you will get the alert ALARM FreeableMemory <=… MB In AWS […]

Terraform provider.aws: no suitable version installed

The new versions of Terraform do not contain all plugins after the application installation. When you try to access a provider the first time, Terraform may not be able to communicate with it. * provider.aws: no suitable version installed version requirements: “(any version)” versions installed: none To download the necessary plugins, initialize the Terraform script […]

Setup failed: Failed to copy slug dir: lstat /Users: no such file or directory error in Terraform Enterprise

When you try to execute a Terraform configuration in Terraform Enterprise (Atlas) you may get the error message: Setup failed: Failed to copy slug dir: lstat /Users: no such file or directory Cause: The Git repository contains the .terraform/modules directory, and the Terraform Enterprise server cannot get the latest modules from GitHub. Solution: Create a .gitignore file […]

Create a Terraform Enterprise environment

If you just start to work with Terraform Enterprise, you need to create a Terraform environment. Preparation GitHub account To access GitHub from Terraform Enterprise, create a GitHub team and account with admin access to the GitHub repository that will store the Terraform scripts. Create a GitHub team who will have admin access to the Terraform […]

Terraform Enterprise Administration

Create a new organization In your web browser navigate to https://atlas.hashicorp.com/help/organizations, On the left menu bar under Organizations click Create, In the middle of the screen click the new organization page link, Enter the email address and user name for the organization owner and click the Create organization button.

Error waiting for instance (i-…) to become ready: unexpected state ‘terminated’, wanted target ‘running’

When you launch a server instance with Terraform, sometimes the error message does not contain the underlying cause. When the cloud provider cannot complete the request, many times Terraform displays a generic error message: Error waiting for instance (i-…) to become ready: unexpected state ‘terminated’, wanted target ‘running’ To find the root cause of the […]

Variable ‘…’: duplicate found. Variable names must be unique.

Starting with Terraform version 0.7.3 you can only define a variable once within a directory or a module. Before that release you could copy variable definition files from other modules and did not throw an error if you had the same variable defined in multiple files within the module. In the new version of Terraform […]

How to migrate the DevOps development environment to another workstation

Git Move the Git repositories to a new workstation If you want to move Git repositories to your new workstation Commit and push all repositories to GitHub on the old workstation, Copy the folders from your old workstation to the new, Execute the following command in all Git repositories on the new workstation. git reset […]