Configure the target server for PSEXEC

PSEXEC is a remote procedure execution tool written by Mark Russinovich at Microsoft and available for download at To use PSEXEC you need to open ports 135 (TCP) and 445 (TCP) on the target computer.  Enable the ports in the security group Open the ports inbound in the server’s firewall You also need to […]

Make the GantChart Excel template smarter

There is a great, free Excel Gantt chart template on the Vertex42 web site at The free version lacks a few features that could make project planning easier. We can update our version of the template to make it smarter. Make these changes before you start to use the template, because inserting task rows […]

Failed to complete #create action: [You are not authorized to perform this operation

When launching an instance in AWS with Chef Test Kitchen you get the error message >>>>>> Failed to complete #create action: [You are not authorized to perform this operation. Encoded authorization failure message:… Make sure the image does not require the acceptance of the license before you first use it. This applies to Ubuntu, CentOS

Remove byte-order mark from the beginning of the file

When a file is saved with BOM (byte-order mark) on a Mac or Linux machine Windows PowerShell cannot execute the script. Unfortunately the “cat” command does not show the byte-order mark at the beginning of the file. Some editors show a question mark at the beginning of the file. I have discovered it when I […]

Clear cookies and site data of one site in Chrome

Some sites do not load properly when old cached data is stored in the web browser. To clear the cached images, cookies and other site related data for one specific site in Chrome Start Chrome The quick and easy way Navigate to chrome://settings/siteData In the upper right corner search for the site name Click the […]

MSSQL database migration to another database server

When a database is migrated to another server by copying the database file or restoring it from a backup file, the original database user account references are also carried with it. Those accounts contain the account IDs specific to the original database server. To provide access to the restored database on the new database server […]