Exit from Bash script on error without closing the terminal window

To terminate the script in case of an error, we can use the “-e” option. When a bash script is “sourced”, called from an alias with a leading dot like my-alias=’. /my-script to execute in the same process, or a function is executed from a terminal window and the script exits on an error, it […]

Install and configure iTerm2

Download iTerm2 from https://www.iterm2.com/downloads.html Double click the downloaded ZIP file to extract the application, Move the iTerm application to Applications. iTerm2 configuration Use .bashrc for configuration When you start iTerm, it reads its own config file, ~/.zshrc To keep using the standard ~/.bashrc config file Create the ~/.zshrc file and have only one line in it:source ~/.bashrc Set case-insensitive […]

Remove byte-order mark from the beginning of the file

When a file is saved with BOM (byte-order mark) on a Mac or Linux machine Windows PowerShell cannot execute the script. Unfortunately the “cat” command does not show the byte-order mark at the beginning of the file. Some editors show a question mark at the beginning of the file. I have discovered it when I […]

Attach an AWS EBS volume to a Linux server

Format and mount the volume List the available disk devices and their mount points The nvme1n1 volume is not yet mounted Create a partition on the volume List the existing partitions Create a new partition Check the partition list lsblk Detect the new partition with If there is a file system on the partition to […]

DevOps Engineering part 1. (Ubuntu server) – Install the DevOps development tools on Ubuntu server

Ubuntu server does not have a user interface, we will use the terminal to install the DevOps tools. Terraform On your workstation open a web browser and navigate to https://www.terraform.io/downloads.html to get the version of the latest Terraform release. Substitute the x.x.x with the latest version AWS CLI To install AWS CLI with the package […]

Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Sharing files between Windows Subsystem for Linux and Windows Access the Windows files from Linux Start WSL In the terminal navigate to the /mnt directory The drives are mounted to sub-directories Access the Linux files from Windows Start the WSL application in Windows 10 (in this case with the Ubuntu distro) Open Windows Explorer in […]