Install a ZIP web application package with Octopus Deploy

Install the Octopus Tentacle on the application server. Automated Tentacle installation instructions are at (Note for our DevOps team: execute ~/Git/devops-scripts/OctopusDeploy/Tentacle_Installation/install_tentacle.ps1.) Make sure the box registered itself in the Octopus server. On the Deployment Targets tab of the Infrastructure menu enter the server name into the search box. The script already created the Environment and the Role and attached […]

Trigger an Octopus Deploy application package installation from TeamCity

Push the package to Octopus Deploy from TeamCity Create project level parameters In TeamCity create the parameters to centralize the configuration of reused values On the project level create a system parameter for the Octopus package name including the build number interpolation Push the artifact to Octopus Deploy Create a build configuration, and on the General Settings page […]

Execute Terraform scripts with Octopus

Terraform is a very powerful, free command-line tool to launch servers in any cloud or virtual machine environment. Hashicorp, the creator of Terraform just introduced the paid Terraform Enterprise server, that orchestrates the execution of the Terraform scripts. Octopus is another tool that added Terraform orchestration functionality in version 2018.3 In this example, we will set […]