ERROR: column “…” does not exist

PostgreSQL converts all column and table names to lowercase in the SQL query. If the column or table name contains uppercase letters, we need to use double quotes to be able to reference them. When we get the error message ERROR: column “username” does not exist select * from public.”AspNetUsers” where UserName = ‘… ^ […]

PostgreSQL management tools

Install postgresql The postgresql package contains the PostgreSQL utilities: psql, pg_dump On macOS Install pgAdmin pgAdmin is a browser based database management tool for PosgtreSQL databases. Download Download the installer from Install On macOS Double click the downloaded file Accept the license agreement Drag the application into the Applications folder Start pgAdmin On macOS […]

Error loading table definition of a PostgreSQL table

When a PostgreSQL table name contains uppercase letters there is no known way to get the table definition SQL script. When we right-click a table name in SQLPro for Postgres, and the column name has an uppercase letter and select Script as, CREATE to, New query window we get the error message /* * Error loading […]

Reverse engineer a database with AspNetCore in Visual Studio

For some reason the .NETCore designers did not think, that developers want to follow best practices by separating the data layer from the presentation layer. The Entity framework out of the box only works if the database is accessed from the main application project. When we try to reverse engineer a PostgreSQL database from a […]