Keep multiple versions of applications on Macintosh

Most of the DevOps tools are still in beta versions, many times the new version is not compatible with your existing scripts or have an error that stops your scripts working. To be able to keep multiple versions of the applications and easily switch between them, create symbolic links and point to the version you […]

Variable ‘…’: duplicate found. Variable names must be unique.

Starting with Terraform version 0.7.3 you can only define a variable once within a directory or a module. Before that release you could copy variable definition files from other modules and did not throw an error if you had the same variable defined in multiple files within the module. In the new version of Terraform […]

How to migrate the DevOps development environment to another workstation

Git Move the Git repositories to a new workstation If you want to move Git repositories to your new workstation Commit and push all repositories to GitHub on the old workstation, Copy the folders from your old workstation to the new, Execute the following command in all Git repositories on the new workstation. git reset […]

HTTP Request Returned 409 Conflict: Client already exists

The Chef server maintains the list of registered nodes and clients in its database.  When you launch a new instance with Chef you may encounter the following error message: *** Input CHEF_CLIENT_NODE_NAME is undefined, using: IP-0AFE6965 … *** Starting chef-client *** Finished chef-client Printing Log … […] INFO: Client key C:\chef\client.pem is not present – […]