Snow Runner Cheats

Snow Runner from Epic Games stores the game save information in a JSON file.

If you installed the game on a PC using the Epic launcher, the config file is in the
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage\CompleteSave.dat

Open the file with a text editor, we recommend Notepad ++.

  • Exit the Snow Runner game
  • In Notepad ++ install the JSON plugin to navigate easier in the file.
  • Open the save file in Notepad ++
  • In the Plugins menu select JSON Viewer -> Format JSON
  • Once the modifications are done, save the file.
  • When you launch the game it will notify you, that the local file is newer than the sync file in the cloud. Click the Upload to cloud button to load the game with the modified file.

Add money

  • In the file search for the “money”: element and change the number to the amount you want to own.

To check the result of the modifications


In the game press the F4 key and select the Profile tab.

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