Cities: Skylines notes

As I use Cities: Skylines I want to share tips and tricks I learn while I build my maps and cities.


The Cities: Skylines game use multiple units to display elevations and distances.

ToolUnitRelative to
Landscaping toolmetersLowest elevation (0 meters)
Roads toolRoad segment length 1 unit = 8 metersRoad segment start
Fine Road Tool modmeter
Precision engineering modmeterLowest elevation (0 meters)
  • The Landscaping tool’s Level Terrain feature shows the elevation in units, relative to elevation 0. The original ground level is at 60 unit elevation.
  • The Roads tool displays the road segment lengths in units. 1 unit is 8 meters.
  • On the Options page of Klyte’s Fine Road Tool mod set the units to metric or imperial units.
  • The Precision Engineering mod shows the road segment length and elevation in meters relative to the original ground level of 60 units. Press the Shift key to see this extra information.


Water sources in games

In the map editor, you can add water sources to your maps. Once you start your city, the original game does not have the means to add more water sources. Subscribe to Boody Pinguin’s Extra Landscaping Tools mod to add water sources in your games.

Sea level

In the map editor you can set the sea level by typing a number, the mod in the city only uses the mouse to drag the sea level up and down. To set the level more precisely

  • Use the Landscaping Tool’s Level Terrain feature to create a small flat top island in the sea.
  • Select the Water tool, and select the Move Sea Level option.
  • Move the mouse up and down to set the water level to the top of the island.

Containing waste water pollution

When you discharge waste water to lakes and the sea, it can pollute the drinking water supply. Place a water source with the water level lower than the lake or sea level. It creates a drain to generate a current and remove the pollution.


If the traffic is too dense, turn on vehicle despanning. When the vehicles arrive to their destination they disappear.

  • Subscribe and activate the TM:PE (Traffic Manager: President Edition ) mod
  • On the top of the screen click the TM:PE Main menu button (looks like a traffic light)
  • In the upper right corner of the window click the Toggle automatic vehicle despawning button to turn on despawning.

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