SnowRunner – Alaska, USA (spoiler)

North Port

There is an unfinished oil pipeline north of the garage. The unfinished pipe on the road blocks the easy access to the north side of the map. To open the road

  1. Open the Contracts list
  2. The Black Bird company is looking for help with Pipeline Construction. Complete it and the road opens.
Service SiteDrilling spare parts
Lost pipeLarge Pipe x1 (4 units long)– In the water north of the Drilling Site (crane needed) or
– West Factory or
– Port
Drilling siteA truck with a crane can pick it up north of the drilling site. No crane is needed at the port or the West Factory. Make sure the bed or trailer can hold a 4-unit long cargo because the pipe has to be “packed” to be available for unloading.
RoadblockMetal beams x1FactoryRoadblock north of the Garage
Black Bird co.
Pipeline construction
Spare partsWarehouseOil pipe construction north of the Garage
Black Bird co.
Floating drill
Oil rig salvage semi-trailerService Site in the southeast cornerPortSaddle high needed

Mountain River

Service HubService spare parts
Saw MillWooden planks
FactoryMetal beams
North Warehouse Small pipes
Medium pipes
Concrete slab
Restoring The BridgeConcrete slab x1
Service spare parts x2
Working StiffRepair a Caterpillar and take it to Saw MillSoutheast hilltopSaw Mill
Environmental issueCurtainside trailerNorthResearch zone
To White Valleyopen

Pedro Bay Alaska, USA

Stock LoadingWooden planks
Dangerous RouteWooden planks x4Stock LoadingBridge (North)
Morrison’s LandslideWooden planks x4Stock LoadingLandslide (North)
Family TreasureCurtain side trailerBehind Weather Conditions in a meadowBoat Station
Weather ConditionsScoutWeather ConditionsBoat Station
Old Mack and Drowned Car HummerNorth of Family TreasureParking Lot
Pole DownWooden planks x2Stock LoadingFallen electric pole
Moving the StockOil barrels x1
Wooden planks x2
Oil fields (crane needed)
Stock loading

White Valley

AirportDrilling equipment ( 4 slots )
Oversized cargo ( 4 slots )
Consumables ( 1 slot )
West WarehouseSmall pipes (2 slots)
Medium pipes (2 slots)
Large pipe (4 slots)
Concrete blocks (1 slot)
Cement (1 slot)
BridgeService spare parts x2 on a sideboard trailerOil Rig Service SiteBridge
Long BridgeWooden planks x2
Service spare parts x2
Logging Station
Service Hub
Long Bridge
Deep River DivingScout 800East of Long BridgeParking
Blocked TunelWarehouse or Factory
Concrete blocks x1
Small pipes x1
Nort-west tunnel

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