Rover Construction in Kerbal Space Program

To construct a rover we need a base to attach the wheels, seats, and the power source.

Structural plates

We can start with structural plates, but we need to apply some tricks to attach them to each other.

  • Place one plate in the horizontal position
  • If you cannot attach the second plate directly to the edge
    • Attach the second plate first in a 90° angle
    • Turn on Snap
    • First, rotate
    • then move it into position

Stability assistance

Even if the rover performs fine on Kerbin, the low gravity on the Mun will cause the rover to roll in a quick direction change, a steep curve or during braking.

  • Move the wheels as high as possible on the body, so the center of mass is as low as possible.
  • Add Small Inline Reaction Wheels close to the center of mass, and set the Reaction Wheels to SAS only. In the default Normal setting as you control the rover the reaction wheels would flip it in the same direction.

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