How to tow a trailer if a loading crane is installed in SnowRunner

If a loading crane is installed on the truck, it usually you cannot attach a trailer. You can tow the trailer with the winch, but you have to load the trailer yourself, as the automatic loading only works with attached trailers.

At the pickup location

  • Auto load the light cargo to your truck (bricks),
  • Transfer the cargo to the trailer with the loading crane,
  • Auto load the heavy cargo (metal beams) to your truck and pack it,
  • Tow the trailer with the winch to the destination.

At the destination

  • Release the winch to park the trailer at a convenient location close to the loading dock where you can later park next to it with the truck,
  • Unload the heavy cargo from your truck,
  • Transfer the light cargo from the trailer to your truck,
  • Pack the cargo, otherwise you cannot auto unload it,
  • Drive the truck to the unload ramp,
  • Unload the cargo from the truck

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