Railway station with one main line and one branch line in Railway Empire 2

To connect a branch line to a main line at a railway station in Railway Empire 2, create a station with four platforms. In the example below the mainline is on the left side on tracks #1 and #2, the branch line arrives to tracks #3 and #4 at the bottom from the right. 

Connect the branch line to the station

To allow any train to reach any track, we will place a four track gridiron where the branch line arrives.

  • Run the four tracks long enough parallel to leave enough room for the four track gridiron. The two white dots indicate the approximate length of the four track gridiron.
  • Make sure the number of tracks is set to Max
  • Place the gridiron on the four tracks

Connect tracks #3 and #4 to the main line

At the top we will connect tracks #3 and #4 to the main line, so the branch line trains can continue on the main line, and main line trains on the branch line.

Place two 2 track gridirons on the tracks

We will place two separate 2 tracks gridirons, one on tracks #1 and #2, and another on tracks #3 and #4. A four track gridiron would also work, but it requites twice as long parallel tracks.

  •   Place a two track gridiron on the main line
  • Extend track #3 to leave room for the other two track gridiron.
  • Right-click to terminate the track without connecting it to anything
  • Click the Build button
  • Extend track #4 too.
  • Set the gridiron size to 2
  • Place the other two track gridiron on tracks #3 and #4

Connect tracks #3 and #4 to the main line

  • Select the Demolish icon
  • Trim tracks #3 and #4 to the gridiron

  • Connect track #3 to track #1
  • Track #4 to track #2

Set the track directions

  • Select the Track Direction button
  • Set the direction of the tracks


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