Create an open pit stone and coal mine in Cities: Skylines II

In Cities: Skylines II (also known as Cities: Skylines 2) we can build a deep open pit stone and coal mine.


  • Place a mine in the selected area
  • Extend the mine area to the circular border
  • Build a temporary road around it to mark the maximum mine area
  • Bulldoze the mine
  • Terraform a pit in the middle for the mine building
  • Terraform a spiral path to the bottom of the mine four times wider than the gravel road

Road construction

  • Place a mine at the bottom of the pit. Click the right-mouse button to rotate the building.
  • Place a straight gravel road segment at the front of the mine.
  • Build a gravel road from the mine to the surface road on the spiral surface.

Mine area creation

  • Stretch the mine area between the road segments.
  • Continue the area definition up to the surface.

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