Image overlay in Cities: Skylines 2

Image overlay enables us to display a transparent map over our layout in the game and in the Editor.

In the Editor this makes is easy to place outside connections to the correct locations, so when we build our city replica, the roads start at the right place.

In the game it makes it possible to follow the original city layout.

Currently, the image overlay mod which works in the game and in the Editor is Image Overlay Lite 1.1.0.


Only manual installation is available, and currently, it only works with BepInEx version 5. At the time of writing BepInEx version 6 is already available, but the mod does not work with it.

Install Image Overlay Lite


Overlay file location

To make the overlay image file available to the mod

  • Create the Overlays directory at “%LocalAppData%Low\Colossal Order\Cities Skylines II”
  • Place the .png overlay files into the Overlays directory. The image size has to be a multiply of 2, so 4096×4096 provides the best quality as the plugin scales the image to this size.

Image selection and transparency setting

To select the image, and set the transparency in the game or in the Editor

  • Press the ESC key, or click the gear icon
  • Select Options
  • On the Image Overlay page select the image file and set the transparency


As these can change, please see for more information.

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