How to create a free Mapbox access token

Mapbox provides mapping services, and for private individuals many of those services are free. They ask for a credit card number to create a free access token, but they only charge it if the usage is very high, which usually only happens when the token is used for commercial purposes. To avoid credit card charges, keep your Mapbox token safe without publishing it on-line.

To create a free Mapbox access token

Create a Mapbox account

  • Navigate to
  • Click the Get started for free button
  • Create an individual account
  • Follow the prompts and provide a credit card information. Mapbox will only charge it if the usage is very high, this usually never happens with private usage.

Create a Mapbox token

  • On the Tokens page click the Create a token button
  • Enter a name for the token, and keep the Public scopes selected
  • Click the Create token button
  • Save the token on your computer, never share it on the internet, as your credit card will be charged if the usage will reach the commercial level.

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