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To download apps from the Apple Store you need an Apple Id. If the app is free, you may not want to enter credit card information during the registration. If you try to create the Apple Id without the credit card in the App Store application, you may get the following error message:

Your session has timed out. Please try again. Code 5107

To create the Apple Id without a credit card

  • Start iTunes on your Macintosh,
  • Click the drop down menu in the upper left corner,
  • If Apps is visible, select it, otherwise click Edit Menu… in the same drop down,

    • To display Apps in the drop down, select the check box next to it.
  • On the top of the screen click the App Store button,
  • In the upper right corner search for a free app in the App Store and start to download it,
  • Create a new Apple Id and select None for credit card type.

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  1. This worked for me, but this is a serious bug. I had to enter all my info again and I was getting really angry. Fix this guys, it’s sloppy. Booooo Wendy Testaburger boooooo.

  2. Didn’t worked for me, actually I’m getting this error in my new Mac air early 2015 version.

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