How to configure the domain password expiration policy in the Microsoft Active Directory

The Microsoft Active Directory is a great system to manage the security of servers and workstations. One of the fundamental security tools is the password expiration policy. To set the password expiration policy in an Active Directory domain follow the steps below Remote desktop into the domain controller Start the Active Directory Users and Computers […]

Display deleted items in the Microsoft Visual Studio Source Control Explorer

When you delete a file or folder in TFS by default it is no longer displayed in the Source Control Explorer. To be able to “undelete” a file or folder enable the visibility of deleted items in Microsoft Visual Studio. To see deleted items in the Source Control Explorer Start Visual Studio In the Tools […]

Insert multiple rows into a Microsoft SQL Server database

There is a great way to insert multiple rows into a Microsoft SQL Server database in one statement. This notation has multiple advantages: simplicity and the grouping of multiple instructions into one transaction. INSERT MyTable (name, description)VALUES(‘John’, ‘Manager’),(‘Bill’, ‘Truck driver’) Script from Ernie Cruz

The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine. (System.Data)

When you try to import Excel 2007 or later “.xlsx” files into an SQL Server 2008 database you may get the following error mesage : The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine. (System.Data)   To solve this problem install the appropriate version of the Microsoft Access Database Engine.   On 32 bit […]

How to open SQL files in Visual Studio 2012

The default installation of Visual Studio 2012 cannot open SQL documents when you double click on them in Source Control Explorer.  To be able to do that you have to install the SQL Server Data Tools  for Visual Studio 2012 Open the ” December 2012″ update page at Download and install SSDTSetup.exe by clicking Download […]

How to record two instruments simultaneously with Garage Band

My son and his friend wanted to record as they play together on a bass and an electric guitar. To record two instruments simultaneously in Garage Band you need special hardware to connect both to the computer. You can buy a USB Recording Interface for a few hundred dollars, or you can make one for […]

Add if conditional statement to the Visual Studio pre-build and post-build events

There are times when you want to execute statements in the pre-build and post-build events of a Microsoft Visual Studio project when certain conditions met. In the next example we will copy the environment specific config file to the web application folder if the configuration is set to “Local”. To edit the pre-buld and post-buld […]

How to add the Config folder to a Microsoft Visual Studio project even if the folder is not in the project directory

Corporations maintain multiple server environments for development, testing and production purposes. All of these environments require specific settings to connect to the databases and other resources. When the build master builds the application for the specific environment the build process has to select the appropriate configuration and build it into the installer file for deployment. […]

Create a backup of a Microsoft SQL Server database to a location outside of the database server

The Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 user interface only allows you to create a backup of a database to one of the local drives of the database server. To create a backup of a Microsoft SQL Server database to a location outside of the database server execute the following SQL script: BACKUP DATABASE MyDatabase TO […]

How to add sample programming code to a post or page in WordPress

Double quotes When you write a post or create a page you may want to add sample program snippets to it. If your code contains double quotes (“) the WordPress page will display different characters for the opening and closing quotes, like in this   “example”. Unfortunately these characters differ from the quotes you use […]