Convert Microsoft Visual Studio applications to version 2012

When Microsoft releases a new version of Visual Studio developers would  like to use the new features of the new IDE. Usually the new version of Visual Studio converts the solution and project files to a new format to be able to save the new settings of that version of the IDE. More seasoned developers […]

Microsoft Visual Studio solution folder structure for easy conversion to the new version of the IDE

Microsoft releases a new version of  Visual Studio every 2-3 years, but most of the enterprise applications have to be operational for years. Many companies developed applications in earlier versions of Microsoft Visual Studio ( VS 2003, VS 2005, VS 2008, VS 2010, or VS 2012 ) and the developers would like to use the […]

Multiple setup projects in a Microsoft Visual Studio solution

Sometimes it makes sense the create multiple setup projects in a Microsoft Visual Studio solution if you use the same projects, but you want to create separate MSI files for slightly different functionality. An example would be the processing of audio and graphics files. You can use the same middle tier and backend projects for […]

Yellow exclamation point next to a project reference in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 after conversion to a newer version of the IDE

When you convert a solution to a new version of the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE you can see yellow exclamation points next to some project references. When you build the solution you also get errors like the following: Error, The type or namespace name ‘…’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive […]

Date specific header image in the Witcher World WordPress theme

Have you ever wanted to display specific images on certain dates in the header of your WordPress page like Google does? If you want to automatically set the header image based on the date there is an easy way to do it. This way you can display a prepared image on certain dates like Independence […]

Print a web page in a printer friendly format

If you want to print a web page on your printer without header images and advertisement Highlight the address of the page in the address bar and Press CTRL-C or Right click it and select “Copy”, Open a new tab and navigate to Paste the address into the field that says: “enter a url” […]

Where are the uploaded images stored in WordPress?

When you upload an image for a page or a post WordPress stores the image at the following location: wp-content\uploads\YEAR\MONTH where YEAR and MONTH are the year and month of the upload date. WordPress creates a new folder every month to reduce the number of files per folder. This way you can find your files […]

How can I remove an image from the Uploaded Images list in WordPress?

When you upload an image as a theme header images the image will be stored in the Media library. If you upload multiple header images and you want to remove some of them Log into your WordPress site as an administrator, On the left side select “Library” in the Media menu, Click the “Delete permanently” […]

How can I create a custom header image for the Witcher World theme in WordPress?

The Witcher World is a great theme and it is very easy to customize it. The original header image is beautiful, but if you want to display your custom header image you have to take some simple image editing steps to make sure it looks as good as the original. The original image contains the left […]