Remove byte-order mark from the beginning of the file

When a file is saved with BOM (byte-order mark) on a Mac or Linux machine Windows PowerShell cannot execute the script. Unfortunately the “cat” command does not show the byte-order mark at the beginning of the file. Some editors show a question mark at the beginning of the file. I have discovered it when I […]

Docker in Windows 10 via VMware Fusion on a MacBook Pro

To run Windows Docker containers on your Macintosh computer, use the following setup. This will introduce a performance hit, because you run virtualization in virtualization. Besides the usual setup process, you need to enable hypervisor applications to avoid the error Error response from daemon: container … encountered an error during CreateContainer: failure in a Windows […]

Install Git on Macintosh

Navigate to to download Git for the Macintosh. The page automatically downloads the installer for the operating system you use. This app is not trusted by Apple, so to install it Control-click (right-click) the downloaded file and select Open Click the Open button to confirm the action Configure Git To configure Git see Git configuration.

Set up an application to auto-start on macOS

To set up an application to automatically start when the Macintosh computer starts Open Settings Select Users & Groups On the Login Items tab click the lock to enable changes Enter your credentials to unlock the function Click the + sign to add an application to the list Select the application and click the Add button

Using tmux terminal multiplexer

The tmux terminal multiplexer allows us to open multiple terminal windows in the same SSH session and continue the command execution even when we log out of the SSH session. This way we can execute long-running copy commands overnight without keeping the SSH session open. Install tmux On CentOS family Linux yum install tmux To start tmux […]

Send Alt-Control-Delete to a Windows server via Remote Desktop

When you log into a Windows server via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in some cases you need to send the Alt-Control-Delete ( in other notations Alt-Ctrl-Del, Control-Alt-Delete, Ctrl-Alt-Del ) key combination to the remote server. From a Macintosh laptop On a Macintosh laptop press the fn+control+option+delete keys to send Alt-Control-Delete to the server. From a Windows […]

`pwd’: No such file or directory – getcwd (Errno::ENOENT)

When you rename a subdirectory under the directory where your Linux or MacOS terminal is open you may get the error message /opt/chefdk/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/chef-13.4.19/lib/chef/knife/cookbook_download.rb:45:in `pwd’: No such file or directory – getcwd (Errno::ENOENT) You need to refresh the directory cache of the terminal. Go one level higher cd .. Go back to the directory cd MY_DIRECTORY […]

Vagrant installation

 Vagrant Installation Warning! The new versions of Vagrant delete the contents of the /opt/vagrant directory. If you want to keep old versions of Vagrant, first move them out of the /opt directory. Download Vagrant from and follow the instructions to install it. Select DOWNLOAD… Select the operating system of your workstation. For Ubuntu: Debian RedHat: Centos […]

Configure the Ubuntu virtual machine in VirtualBox

Enable shared folders on the virtual machines To be able to use shared folders between the host ( your workstation ) and the virtual machine. Start the Ubuntu virtual machine in Virtual Box, Select the virtual machine window on your workstation, In the Devices menu of Virtual Box select Insert Guest Additions CD image… Click the Run button, […]