Delay updates in Windows 10

On more occasions Microsoft released Windows 10 updates that disabled the network connection, the webcam or caused other inconveniences. Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs the updates without asking for permission from the owner of the computer. In Windows professional you can delay the installation of updates, so your work is not interrupted with frequent […]

Launch Windows instances locally with Chef Test Kitchen

Most Linux distributions are free, and do not require product keys to launch them. The steps below are based on the great article at I have summarized the steps below to create a free Virtual Box Windows Server 2012R2 image on your workstation, so Test Kitchen can use Vagrant and Virtual Box to launch Windows instances and test cookbooks […]

DevOps Engineering part 1. (Win) – Install the DevOps development tools on Windows

Set up your computer Display the file extensions In Windows 10 Open File Explorer On the View tab select File name extensions Hidden items In Windows 7 Open Windows Explorer and select Organize Select Folder and search options On the View tab Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives Uncheck Hide extensions for known file […]

DevOps Engineering part 5. – Create an enterprise cookbook

In this exercise we will create a Chef cookbook for a corporation. It will be robust and include all the necessary elements to be used in a large enterprise. If your company already has established standards, as you progress with this tutorial, copy the appropriate file from an existing cookbook. If this is the first […]

List the installed Windows Features on the Windows server with PowerShell

When you set up a new Windows server and want to make sure all necessary Windows features are installed on it, you can list them in text format. If you want to replicate the configuration of an existing server, just list the features of both servers and compare them in a comparison tool, like Araxis […]

How to copy files to the clipboard

When you work in the graphical user interface (GUI) of your operating system, and want to copy the contents of a file to the clipboard, you can use the following commands: On OS X run: cat FILE_NAME | pbcopy On Linux run: cat FILE_NAME | xclip On Windows (via Cygwin/Git Bash) run: cat FILE_NAME | clip

Visual Studio 2015 is very slow on Windows 10

When I have upgraded Windows 7 my computer to Windows 10 I have also installed Visual Studio 2015 professional. From the first moment Visual Studio 2015 was very slow. My computer was freezing all the time. I have read many articles about the slowness of Visual Studio 2015, but I cold not find anything that […]

Error creating a Scheduled Task on Windows Server 2008 R2

When the “Run whether user is logged on or not”  option is selected in the General tab of the Create Task window the Task Scheduler has to save the password of the selected user. During the save the following error message appears: Task Scheduler An error has occurred for the task <task name>. Error message: […]