Transfer streets to your city in Cities: Skylines using a PNG image file

To transfer streets to cities

Configure Cities: Skylines to use the PNG file as an overlay

  • Create a PNG file of the street layout
    • To convert a PDF file to PNG, use the free PDF to PNG converter at
  • Save the PNG file in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files” directory where your Steam games are on your hard drive
  • Install the Image Overlay 2 mod
  • Configure the mod to read the image files from the directory where the image file is

To display the overlay

  • Open the city
  • Press Shift + Enter to display and hide the overlay

Other default hotkeys

Fit to tileShift + T
Cycle through imagesShift + R
Reset position to defaultShift + B
Lock / Unlock positionShift + V
Enlarge the imageShift + =
Shrink the imageShift + –
Rotate the image 90° clockwiseShift + [
Rotate the image 90° counterclockwiseShift + ]
Clockwise rotation Shift + E
Counterclockwise rotationShift + Q
Move upShift + Up arrow
Move downShift + Down arrow
Move left Shift + Left arrow
Move rightShift + Right arrow


  • If the image does not move, press Shift + V to unlock the image.

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